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Fernando Gonzales
Fernando Gonzales
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Fernando Gonzales is the Bassist of south american band: Furasound.
[Soundclick, December 27, 2006] Fernando Gonzales is the bassist of the Peruvian rock band, Furasound. Located in Rio De Janeiro . Over the years, the young musician has been seeking to have his musical projects be noticed by the mass media. And Here is Fernando Sharing exclusively at soundclick demos in the making with the hopes of finishing them in the studio.
Band/artist history
my band is called Furasound... it' s a long story... long time friends who've not spoken in ages but finally when we reunited we write/perform great rock songs.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've joined a couple of bands in the past. The Free Agents, Crimson Dawn and now Furasound. We sound great, especially during the south american beach festivals we play rock songs.
Your musical influences
too many to name. Soda Stereo, La Ley, Tigres Del Norte, Tex Mex, Ska, Foo Fighters, Yoko Kanno, Graemme Revell , Barry Williams, Brainstorm and Prata Vetra.
What equipment do you use?
Furman SPB-8 pedal board Bass signal visual volume pedal Ibanez FL9 Flanger Ibanez CS9 Chorus Ibanez AD9 Delay Analog Boomerang phrase sampler
Anything else?
The basses that Fernando's currently using live are: 1) Aria Pro II 2) Fender Precision Fretless 3) Music Man Stingray I want to thank all of my friends from Brasil, Peru, Colombia, United Kingdom, France, and Spain.
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