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December 31, 2004
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ICONICIDE are a NYC based band whose sound has ranged from sludgy political dirges to blazing fast thrash, from toe tapping street punk to a lethal mix of dub reggae and death metal. Underlying it all has been what spurred frontman Chris (the Antimessiah) to start the band back in 1988: the stripped down, no nonsense, rip out your guts sound of Early 80s New York Hardcore. Lyrically ICONICIDE are just as uncompromising. Songs advocating human extinction (Voluntary Human Extinction MovemenT) coexist with assaults on militarism and power for power's sake (Fuck It), along with the requisite anti religious barrages (Whoreship, Benediction/Malediction, et cetera). In their long, checkered history, ICONICIDE have touched the fates of a long list of bands, including ARMAGEDDON, ARTLESS, CHRISTRAPE, DEDETH, SINNER STEEL, DISASSOCIATE, NIBLICK HENBANE, SLOW CHILDREN, ABUSEMENT PARK, GENOCIDE, CHAIN ANGEL, THE OG OGS, SPEED ASSAULT, SAND IN THE FACE, UNDER EMPIRE, SISTERS GRIMM, PSYCHO SIN, THE MURDER JUNKIES, PIECE MACHINE, CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT, URGENT FURY, SIC FUCKS, DEMO MOE, SHELL*SHOCK, SEVEN DAY PACKAGE, ACTION ADVENTURE SYSTEMS, THE SEX RAYS, DEATHMOLD, FELCHING KUMQUATS, MAGGOT, TRUTH IN NEEDLES, DO YOURSELF IN and BETTY FORD. Today ICONICIDE is tougher, more worldweary, and just as dangerous. Lineup includes GYAMO, a japanese thrash guitarist. The MP3s here offer a small sample of what ICONICIDE are about. To fully appreciate ICONICIDE, you must -see- ICONICIDE. AS OF FEBRUARY 2011, WE ARE IN NEED OF A NEW GUITARIST, so GET IN TOUCH!
Band/artist history
Join the Yahoo! group. It's in the Files section.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We will. NYC Based, prefer NY or NJ.
Your musical influences
School of Violence, GG Allin, Plasmatics, Dirge, Napalm Death, Genocide, Sheer Terror, Krieg Kopf, Negative Approach, F.U.'s et cetera.
What equipment do you use?
Poisonally I use a Synsonics TERMINATOR, bought mailorder for fifty bucks in 1992.
Anything else?
Check out www.iconicide.com for lyrics, photos, artwork and more!
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