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Jerry Schroeder
Jerry Schroeder
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Christian music with smooth acoustic guitars, sweet piano melodies and crisp vocals.
The acoustical style, sweet piano driven melodies and crisp vocals will bring you to a place of worship and joy while lifting your spirit as you listen. Each song has a unique message that you can relate to at different places in your life and walk with our Lord. From "You're My God" which will help you realize that when you are serving Him you've no need to worry - to "Heal Me" which our Lord has used to do just that in many people's lives as they have listened. Sit back and let Yahweh touch you as you listen to His music!
Band/artist history
I was born in 1970 in Dearborn, MI and was raised in the Detroit area for most of my life. I have made a few moves over the years, but since 1998 I, along with my beautiful wife and three wonderful children, live in the Charlotte area of North Carolina. I have enjoyed praising the Lord all my life, whether in concert in the living room at the age of eight or just singing to Him in my car. However, it wasnt until recently that I felt lead to record His music. About three years ago the Lord told me to learn to play the guitar. I had always sung in church or worship groups, but never seriously played an instrument. Well, there was that trumpet thing in Jr. High, but even my music teacher will tell you that it is a far stretch to say that what I was playing could be considered music. Once I obeyed His voice, and started learning to play the guitar the songs just started pouring. It has been such a blessing to be able to get a song from our Lord for the sole purpose to sing it unto Him. True praise is an awesome thing! It was early in 2004 that I felt I was supposed to share this music with others and since then I have taken the step of faith to have some songs professionally recorded. It has been an incredible experience and I can not wait to do it more. Our Lord has given me many songs and soon I hope to share them all with you! Well, thats a brief summary of who Jerry Schroeder is: A child, a man, a husband, a father, a praiser and servant of the one and only God, Yahweh.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live worship events and am really looking forward to doing more of them. These songs were given to me by Him and for Him and to be able to bring others into worship with His music is an honor.
Your musical influences
I grew up listening to Sweet Comfort Band and Petra along with many other artists both Christian and not. Steven Curtis Chapman, Paul Wilbur, Michael O'Brien and Big Daddy Weave is who you'll find in my CD player lately. I have also been told that I remind some people of Keith Green in some of my songs like "My First Love."
Anything else?
I pray that you feel the power of our Lord as you listen and are blessed.