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We are 4 guys from Sweden who plays Nu-Metal! We love music, and that's the reason we play music! If you like hard music like Korn or Tool and so on, then you w
We are 4 guys who are living for the music! We are playing Metal with heavy guitar and slap-bas.
Band/artist history
It all started in May 2002, when Jocke and Henke got a gig at a bike-meet outside of Bastad in Scania, Sweden. Robban, who played bass at that time, had to quit the band (which at that time were called "Dead Fish Cant Swim") cause he was on his way to Canada. But before he left, he gave Christian a call, asking if he was interested in playing in a metal-band. And it was GOOOOD!! The gig went well, and we decided to enlighten the world with some real music!! So we formed PATH... In the fall of 2002, Andy joined Path as our lead-singer. Even tough he had very little experience of singing, he did quite a good job.We recorded our first demo "Deadication". But unfortunary, he had to leave Path only one year later, since things didnt work out as planned... After trying some different singers, some with an ego big as hell, and some with less talent than a guineapig, we found Abbe. That was a real breaktrough. Now, at last, we had a singer that took music as seriously as the rest of us, and had the will to put in some effort. NICE!! We spent the fall writing new material, and in March 2004, we recorded "Bleed".
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live as often we can. Right now we are getting ready for Popkorn in Sweden, a music competition for unsigned bands. We are also playing at Emargenza, the worlds biggest festival for unsigned band! The final will be in Italy Rome.
Your musical influences
We are tuned in "A" and play 7 string guitar and 5 string bas, so we can't get away from Korn in any way. And we are inspired by Tool aswell. But we are actually inspired by all kind of music, från Popmusic to Jazz, we think that all kind of music got something special.
Anything else?
We play music for fun! We play music for our self! And we don't care what people think about our music, we think it's great and that's what matters to us.
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