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Red Samurai
Red Samurai
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The only solution for evolution is Third i Revolution!
www.thirdirevolution.net www.myspace.com/thirdirevolutions http://groups.myspace.com/thirdi
Band/artist history
I started my clothing line back in February of 2004. The First artist that I met and gave one of my shirts to was Shock G of Digital Underground in Dc. So in April I left my job that I had been making 50,000 a year and walked out like in Office Space. In June I went on the Vans Warped tour selling my T-shirts Third i Revolution. Since June, I have driven 22,000 miles so I don't want hear anyone bitch about driving for an hour. I drove from Denver to Milwauke in 17 hours by myself. I am the hardest working mother Fucker out there. Other artists that I have given a shirt includes: KRS ONE, Busy Bee, Sabac Red, Ill Bill, Method Man, Charlie 2na, Raka Iriscience, Vinnie Paz, Stoupe, Esoteric, 7L, Planet Asia, Murs, Mr. Lif, Big Daddy Kane, Talib Kweli, Arcane, Seez Mics and T.e.C.k of Educated Consumers, K-Chromozone of Resination, Flex Mathews, Proton, Afu Ra, Eyedea, Manchild and Dust of Mars ill, Freestyle, Storm the Unpredictable, Priest da Nomad, Third Kind, Tamu, Dave the Hip Hop Junkie, Bishop, IshLab, Unknown Prophets, Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, Micah 9, Zion I, and Bukue One. I have currently sold 1600 t-shirts so far. About half of them I sold on the Vans Warped Tour. I drove 15,000 miles on my own car. It was insane. Too bad I couldn't have a bigger impact on the election. More designs on the way for Christmas!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Frederick, MD It sucks but got stack up the ends, so then I can take over the World!
Your musical influences
KRS One, Immortal Technique, Typical Cats, Brother Ali, MF Doom, El-P, Aceyalone, Non-Phixion, Educated Consumers, Resination, Mars ill, Black Star, Jedi Mind Tricks, and many more