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POW Records
POW Records
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Speedy "Sir Speedy" is the OWNER/C.E.O./PRESIDENT of "P.O.W. RECORDS" Speedy has always been involved with music, ever since he can remember. At 5 years of age he was spining on his head and at 7 years of age he was pop locking to all the great music of the Early and Mid 80's Disco and hip hop music is what SPEEDY was DANCING/BREAKING to. Never for getting his roots he also would watch and dance to Cumbia's. SIR SPEEDY would always remember the many people around him that were so musically involved including his grandmother who would SING and play almost every insturment that you can think of and SPEEDY would watch. SPEEDY seen his calling and there and then is when SPEEDY new who he was an ARTIST a person who loved music and HIP HOP was his choice. The idea for a RECORD LABEL came to SPEEDY in 1995 while still in high school many family and friends new he could rap so SPEEDY was always asked to rap and to record personal dedications for friends/family and even strangers would ask for a song. So SPEEDY decided to do so and also to perform on stage. It was after many songs and performances people would ask SPEEDY are you signed? and what's the name of your RECORD LABEL?SPEEDY had a name but no LABEL to go with it. So after many ideas SPEEDY came up with being a poet in this war, you know this world and said to himself you know I am a "POET OF WAR" this world is a war and i'm just a poet writing about it so then when people would ask him what's the name of your LABEL SPEEDY would say P.O.W. RECORDS. El Mirage Arizona is where SPEEDY was raised. He had many influences growing up some good but the truth is out side the home many where bad so he had to roll with the punches. It was many of the negitive influences that he had is what made him more aware to how bad life can really be and was so pressured and involved with the wrong group of people but where SPEEDY came from that's just the way it was you know the way of life. SPEEDY took them many positive and negitive situations he had been involved with and wrote them down in the form of poetry expressing himself on paper and putting them into his songs people around him were very supportive to the messages in his songs, so family and friends around him would incourage him more and more to continue doing it. In early 1996 Speedy recorded two songs both tracks were produced by Iroc Mr Iroc now know as "ROCA DOLLA" and in 1997 SPEEDY had his first two perfesionally recorded songs released to the public "4 DEM PLYAZ/WEST COAST GHOST" 2 of Arizonas most banging tracks till this day. In 97 that was a big deal do to the fact that he was Chicano and had distribution and was the only artist from arizona besides M.C. MAGIC that had product in the record store to help support his hip hop career. It was then that people where knocking on Speedy's door for whatever it is that they can do to help him get to where he needed to be and that was in the music industry's hip hop mainstream. From 1995 till 2006 Speedy has 10 albums under his belt. The listing of Albums that you can catch SPEEDY ON. and many more to come. 1. SINGLE-4 DEM PLAYAZ 2. VIDEO-CALI SWANGIN "Volume-2" 3. M.C. MAGIC presents DESERT FUNK SOUNDTRACK 4. SOUTH WEST HUSTLERS 5. SOUTH WEST SOLDIERS 6. SIR SPEEDY "Self Titled" 7. ELEVATION 8. MUSICAL INTOXICATION "Mixtape" 9. KNOW M SAYIN "Mixtape" 10.SPEEDY & KID BROWN "AZ Callabo Vol-1 Mixtape" Do to the LOVE, DRIVE, AMBITION, and SACRIFICE that SPEEDY puts out and the many many years to develope who he is it is he that will rise up above the Arizona Sun Like SPEEDY said at one time or another "I DONT FEED INTO BEEF I RATHER SPEND MY TIME TRYING TO BETTER MYSELF YOU SEE" so when everyone els was trying to be better than the next man SPEEDY was always trying to be better than who he was. That's what makes SIR SPEEDY Arizona, hip hop/raps well respected MC's. SPEEDY always jumped at every calling and always being aware of what it is that the sharks wanted and always open to what it is that the next person wanted to do for him. And in this game Speedy has seen snakes and saints but through it all speedy has remain Independently owned and operated until someone with a real vision like Speedy comes around that can take him to the next level he will always remain to himself and with god.
Band/artist history
P.O.W. Records (Poets Of War) started as a record label in 1995. The first single release by "P.O.W.RECORDS" was 4 Dem Playaz which received a good amount of radio play on KKFR Power 92.3 in Phoenix, Arizona. After the success of the first single, Sir Speedy was featured on various compilations from 1997 to 2000. Their album credits include: Desert Funk Soundtrack, Southwest Hustlers, and Southwest Soldiers. With many request, the song Get On The Floor started receiving radio play due to popular demand on Arizona radio. In addition, in the early years of Sir Speedy, he was featured on Cali Swangin Vol. 2 with songs on the soundtrack that included West Coast Ghost and 4 Dem Playaz. Soon to follow was the release of the self-titled solo album from Sir Speedy in 2000. This album had sales across the nation and was a big hit in the southwest. Sir Speedy performed on stage with some of the biggest names in the hip hop industry, with artist such Frost, LSOB, Lil Rob, NBK, WC, 112, Mack 10, LL Cool J, and Latino Velvet. With the success of the self-titled album from Sir Speedy, P.O.W. Records began to grow. Sir Speedy aka Mr. Poetic is the front man and CEO of P.O.W. with a versatile style that can be summarized as smooth and poetic. In addition P.O.W. is backed by powerful production from DTB Destiny The Banditt, Myth the Mythologist, and Zona. P.O.W. Records is ready to rock venues and amaze fans across the nation with a unique flavor that only a true Poet Of War "P.O.W." can bring you.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I'm always on the hustle too many and so many spots to name but if your looking you'll find me.
Your musical influences
Too many to mention. "MOSTLY LIFE" but its like this I love all types of music I dont ever limit my ears to one style of music I believe setting limits to what you hear is only setting limitations to who it is you can really become as an artist. "YOU FEEL ME"
Anything else?
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