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Requiem Laus
Requiem Laus
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a death/black sometimes doomy metal band.
we are a death melodic metal band from portugal.
Band/artist history
Requiem Laus The biography Starting in the early 90s with the name of Requiem. The choice of name for these Portuguese metal band, was in a way of respect towards their preferred composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, (Name, that later on was changed to Requiem Laus, for the reason of registered use, and also the, ironical, existence of more than a few bands with the same name.) Choice made by the good spirits of Miguel Freitas, Marcelo Freitas, also Bruno Silva and Tony Figueira, being this the first line-up that took the name of the band further by recording and performing to a greater extent. Their first sign was at the year of 1994 with the recording of their first demo tape Life Fading Existence, and then, by the year of 1996 a new demo tape was recorded For the Ones Who Died, now with Oscar Pereira on the bass substituting Tony Figueira. This demo was recorded with Luis Barross production at the Rec. n Roll Studios. Demo that was in fact considered a cult demo at the Portuguese metal scenario at the time, if considering being on several underground compilations of worldwide distribution, receiving overriding reviews - also worldwide -, and acquiring the attention of big labels to this bands Melodic Death Metal sound. The contract proposals that were made to the band at the time were noticed as the usual approach of a label that wants to induce an underground band to a non rewarding deal to the bands purposes. Therefore no attempt of deal was taken onward. In 1997 a changing line-up to the band: Dani Pereira becoming the guitarist in place of Bruno Silva, Ricardo Fernandes in place of the bassist Oscar Pereira and Jorge Castro echoing behind the keyboards. By 1999 a re-edition of the demo tape For the Ones Who Died was turned into a CD format. Providing momentum to several live performances around Portugal. On the year of 2000, Requiem Laus finally marched into a new stage of their commitment to music, and signed up with Angra Music Agency for management and international booking. The band released the MCD Trough Aeons with new features, broadcasting an interactive structure containing 2 Live Bootleg Videos, Photo Album and Biography. With all things in shape, things started to silhouette a greater outlook for the future. So, at this same year, Requiem Laus began a 2 years tour throughout Portugal, playing significant concerts with Avulsed (SP), and several of Portuguese located bands as, Mysterium, Cyborium, Kormoss, De Profundis, Humanart, and so on. Also during this tour, that Requiem Laus mostly reign as being the main act, Jorge Castro left the band in vision of the fact that different points of view were being held against the bands ideology and potential. Now, in 2005, after an earned praised rest, and again with a different line-up, maintaining only one original member of the band is Miguel Freitas leading the bands vocals and main guitar, Dani Pereira holding the 2nd guitar, Ricardo Fernandes still on the bass and a new acquisition for the drums, Luis Barreto. Currently preparing and re-arranging material for new releases and for live performances in a near future, also eager to raise near the place that Requiem Laus ascended earlier in their past. Defining - Requiem Laus Requiem Laus is known for covering a multiplicity of metal genres along the years and the ability of sifting it into a unique substance that hardens by the time. Covering a wide range of techniques and approach to metal music, varying between those death metal elements on the early 90s and then adding some doom metal elements by the time that the demos were recorded, later on the most evident change was when new members arrived adding different influences, mainly, of black metal. Currently, Requiem Laus are molding all these elements, to a death melodic metal form, with a grime of black. Lilithya
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes we did a few show around portugal, it was great some more than others.playing live for a metal band is a must.
Your musical influences
we're into all sorts of metal and rock music, some members into guns n roses , hypocrisy, paradise lost , septic flesh,nevermore, dismember, entombed...well life is a big influence.
What equipment do you use?
marshall amps, boss special effects jackson and ibanez guitars as well pearl drums.
Anything else?
support music not rumours, long live metal underground or mainstream, dont follow fashion follow what u feel.
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