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Ear Candy (MPLS)
Ear Candy (MPLS)
4 Tracks
Ear Candy- Devo-licious female synthpop for the new millenium!!
Kung Fu Sister
Peak in sub-genre #16
Chante en Francais
Peak in sub-genre #3
Wild Rice and Peaches
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What do you get when you cross four weirdos with electronic instruments? Ear Candy- that's what! Hailing from Mpls, these ladies aim to get you on the dance floor! With synthesizers and electribes, costumes,and tight-ass choreographed dance routines, each live show is unique. For a taste of their sassafrass synthpop, check out their cd, Chante la Femme.
Band/artist history
Ear Candy started as the brain child of Dawn Miller in 1997. After performing the music solo with various back up singers/dancers live for a couple of years, Carol Cunnington stepped up to the plate and became a co-conspirator with Dawn. After performing regularly for some time, they took a year hiatus. In 2004, dancers/back-up singers Sarah and Alyssa joined to spice up the live shows with their spot on choreography! Currently the foursome are rockin' the dance floor and infecting minds with their catchy pop songs.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, mostly in the Twin Cities here in Minnesota. We love performing! We dress in a variety of costumes- from cops to nurses to nuclear waste collectors.Every Ear Candy show is a special moment!
Your musical influences
Devo, Client , the Tom Tom Club, Souxie Souix, Peaches, Quintron and Miss Pussycat,Le Tigre,Human League, X ray Specs, Blondie, Babes in Toyland, X Girl (Japenese pop music is general)Stereo Total, Chicks On Speed, Cibo Matto, Har Mar Superstar
What equipment do you use?
We use a Micro Korg , the electribes em 1 and es 1 and a Korg Poly 800. Also a Digitech vocal processor. We use a portable cd player for soundbites.
Anything else?
Ear Candy is a one of a kind act. We have fun and hope our fans have a great time as they listen/watch us live! Life is too hard and too short so grab a cocktail and check out Ear Candy an forget your woes and shake your ass!
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