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SEVER - Metal Group
SEVER - Metal Group
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Sever is a very Original sounding Metal group that shares the same burning goal! To spread our music across the world and have fun doing it!
SeVeR formed in late Summer 2003 in the DuBois, PA area. Sever's lineup is: Dave Harris: Vocals Paul Butler: Drums Rich Emery: Guitar Jason Geer: Bass The band had tried out numerous guitar players and singers without much luck, but then Paul ran into Rich unexpectedly, and the pieces starting fitting together. Paul and Rich had been neighbors when they were younger and had jammed together on guitars, but they hadn't seen each other for years. After Paul moved away, Rich started jamming with Dave. Rich sparked Paul and Dave's musical interests as kids, and taught them both a lot on guitar. Paul played guitar for a number of years, then bass in another band, until he found his true calling tearing up the drums. Rich and Dave both played guitar in various bands. Though he has messed around with bass and drums, there's never been any question as to which instrument Rich was always meant to stand behind. Dave had never sung before hooking up with SeVeR, but quickly and naturally found his voice, even the gut wrenching screams. They hooked up with Jason with the bottom end from Hell. Jason played in a few bands, but with us he completes what is now in your face... SeVeR.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Sever plays all over! We play as much as we can and are always finding new places to rip it up! We have played some kick ass places like: 123 Pleasant St. is in West Virginia Aldo's - in Altoona. The Crowbar - in State College. These places Rock! We also had the chance to be on a TV. Show called The Underground. This show is dedicated to unsigned bands from Pennsylvania. The Underground has 2 Sever videos on their web site that you can see! Very cool show! Check out the site! [url=]http://www.theundergroundtv.com/[/url]
Your musical influences
Dave Equipment: TC Electronics, Shure, Sennheiser Influences: *Old* Metallica, Pantera, Disturbed, Godsmack, Slipknot, Alice in Chains, S.T.P., Otep, Staind, Demon Hunter, Killswitch Engage Jason Equipment: Hartke, Fender, Samick Influences: Slayer, Sepultura, Slayer, Pantera, Slayer, Soulfly, Slayer, Primus Rich Equipment: Jay Turser, Mesa Boogie, TC Electronics, Behringer, Roland, Elixir strings, Dunlop Tortex, Hughes & Kettner, Jackson, EMG Pickups Influences: Dream Theater, Symphony-X, AC/DC, Rush, Disturbed, Ratt, Dokken, Kansas, Def Leppard, Queensryche, Megadeath Paul Equipment: Pearl Drums, Powershifter Eliminator Pedals, Paiste Cymbals, Remo Heads, Ahead drumsticks Influences: Spug from Mudvayne, Joey from Slipknot, Cameron Fitzmaurice from Downthesun, Nothingface, Sevendust, Vinnie Vincent, Fear Factory
Anything else?
Sever offers a full length CD and a complete line of merchandise on our website! [url]www.2sever.com[/url]
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