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now you'll be, Three Tymes Crazy. 2012 update so now its officially been 10 years sense i started writing and playing music. i take a wide range of influences,
now you are three tymes crazy Well the band will one day be revived, i've taken to keeping the name Three Tymes Crazy [and my stage name as vilbe]. Lets see some information? well i started playing guitar i think about 12 years ago now. infact my first guitar is sitting next to me, as over the years i modded the hell out of it [was a rockaxe i think? not sure, the headstock long ago became illegible]. i always had wanted a guitar, and took to it like an obsession for the majority of my younger teenage years. infact i believe my first ever recording [that i can find] comes from 2001. back then i barely knew any chords, or songs, but i had this desire to just make music. All the recordings, with the pure exception of experiment are my solo recordings. experiment is the only surviving recording of the original three tymes crazy. the name, and a band was breifly started up again in 2006 featuring "monday" [unless her name wants to be used], and "shifty". we wrote a few songs together, but never recorded anything. infact, we might of jammed like a dozen times. monday ended up never learning drums too good, and well shifty went his seperate way. i refer to this band as "the liquid pills". [although i recently learned that shifty finished the song "fuck you its monday"] i've had a few guitars over the years, and i'm basically starting over. i didn't play much actually between the years 2007-2011, which is a shame because for a while i had a jagstang and a sweet fender amp at my disposal. woulda been great payback to techno guys obnoxious music.... here i am though, older and wiser. looking back i can't believe i walked away from music. infact, a year ago if you'd of asked me if i'd get back into it, i'd probally of told you "nah i outgrew that long ago." well i picked up the guitar again, and it all came back. i owe my rekindling of music to meeting and befriending a musician on a cruise i went on a year ago. Greg Schlotthauer, he played pop songs on the piano. I bought his CD and found out i liked his original stuff even more. I could see the energy, the euphoria, that playing music gave him, and i wanted that back again. i've started writing songs again, and polishing up some of the ones i can still remember from my past. my goal this year is to finally make the album i've always intended to make. recently, i played an open mic nite 3 song set and it was both euphoric and nerve wracking. prior to that, i had only played songs to a couple of friends. i plan on playing live more often this year.
Band/artist history
It all started when i picked up a guitar, i finally got one after nagging my family for what felt like years. Got a rockaxe [a toysrus guitar i believe] that was 3/4ths sized. Took some time to learn things, as i never got music lessons. i learned off friends who did, and well the internet of course helped. It finally clicked back in 2000/2001 when i learned how to read tabs and a few songs. i ended up getting a better amp, and a strat copy along the way. The nucleus of Three Tymes Crazy came out of auditioning to be part of a band for the school talent show. the audition ended up nowhere, as musical tastes were too divergent. I finally found 2 friends into the same sound i was looking for [alternative, grungey stuff] and we formed a band. The band only lasted about a year, and even though we practiced and jammed a million times [the experiment recording is the only surviving thing from those days] we only played live a handful of times. if memory serves me right [this is ten years ago after all] we had probally 5-6 original songs that had lyrics, and a few more that didn't. we played a few covers too [i only remember the nirvana ones, as i sung those sense i knew the words]. we ended up parting ways due to growing up i guess looking back? Not too long after that, i finally started messing around recording things. Sapphire [both of em actually] being a prime example of a song recorded in this era. while i attempted to find other musicians to play with, it never got out of the jammin stage. I did however write a bunch of songs [and poems] during this time period. i even took a creative writing class at one point, which served as reason to write more. i even performed a few of the songs to the class during this time. one friend i regularly jammed with finally started getting decent on guitar back in 2005. one day i came over to find a drum set in his garage, a mutual friend had kept it there as a back up for a local bands equipment. well my girlfriend at the time had an interest in trying out the drums, knowing my desire to get a band back together. and so it started, the liquid pills were born. we were unique, as instead of a bassist, we had two guitar players. but shifty and i had two completely different styles, that meshed kinda well together. Around 2006 my girlfriend bought her own drum set, which was set up in my garage. we jammed a lot back then, attempting to teach each other what we knew. a couple songs were written, a few covers stolen [i used to be notorious for borrowing some of nirvana's rare songs]. I can remember 3 distinctly well, "help me i'm fucking hungry" which spawned out of a jam and had the typical grunge dynamics, together we fly which was more moodier sounding, and the song "fuck you its monday" [monday being my girlfriends nickname]. The monday song was important though, as it was a true collaboration, and shifty sung it instead of me. i was pleased to recently learn, he kept playing around with it after all these years. over the next year i ended up recording stuff at a heavy rate. while i had been on and off recording for a while, i finally had the right equipment now, and a better idea how to use cool edit pro [yea i know, i'm old school, sure pro tools had just came out]. while i probally over the years had recorded somewhere in the range of 20-30 songs, most of which were just single one off takes to be recorded so i could remember the song. i started to fine tune what i did record, and experimented to a huge degree with it. The songs heroin, addicted, outerspace all come from this time period, and are 3 songs that each utilize different things. the song heroin was actually recorded prior to getting the usb box thinger, i ended up plugging our practice microphone into the computer, and recording a few guitar tracks and vocal tracks. this was the first song i put together via editing, rather than recording it live and using that. i believe outerspace was the next one, which rather than using the older beat up acoustic [which i still have and play today, even if i have yet to still replace the high e string], i had an ovation which had a pickup inside, and could be plugged in. with the new usb box that enable a microphone AND a guitar to be done simutaneously, i did a few takes of the song. i fell back to what i did before though, and recorded kept the guitar tracks seperate from the vocal tracks to keep the playing with the groovy effects easier. outerspace's distinction is its the first multi-tracked song [heroin i believe utilized 4 tracks, 2 for vocals, 2 for guitar. which i think is spaced a half a second from one another so one speaker is sooner than the other, for an interesting effect]. outerspace ended up having 8 tracks, with 2 being vocals and 6 being guitar. out of the 6 guitar tracks, 2 were clean, 2 were distorted, and there was one of each that was manipulated with the recording software. at this point in time [2007?] i was writing songs as i recorded them it seemed like. while outerspace wasn't entirely new as i had been playing around with the verse riff and the pre chorus riff for some time, i never thought to add the chorus riff to it. addicted was born from what i had intended to be a bass riff. i found it catchy, and quickly wrote a song around it. i again did the grunge classic of power chording the main riff as the chorus, distorting the chorus even! this song wasn't built from pieces as the others were if i remember correctly. i had intended to play with it more, but i thankfully saved an mp3 of what i had already done. somewhere in late 2007 i got a job, and well music fell by the way side. i was happy, and i learned in the past that being happy doesn't always make for good songs. i wrote a few songs for my girlfriend in this time period, one of which i'm still tinkering with. i ended up getting sick in 2008 [well i got sick back in 2006 too, and it kinda never really went away], right before i was set to seriously go back to college. ended up having 2 surgeries in 2008, one planned, one emergency. found out i had another disease, the extreme way too. i moved to new hampshire roughly 150 miles due north of where i grew up. lived on main street, got to enjoy the perks of that for a while. had a great view the month i moved into my first apartment of the music festival. i ended up over focusing on school though, which was long overdue in a way. got great grades and was living a great life, but all good things must end. i rather not get into the details, but i lost everything between then and now.... march 2011 i picked up the guitar again for more than just a casual play. i played threw all the songs i remembered, and started tinkering around with new stuff. learned a few new chords, tried actually writing a song based on chords [instead of my usual riff/power chord shtick]. life of course happened again, but by august i was back even if all i had left were my 2 original childhood guitars. the ovation was shot once i lost the battery pack, and it started to warp. the jagstang was the ex's, and i lost my strat copy long ago. when i first moved to new hampshire i had to sell a guitar for groceries one month i think? yea life sucks... i started playing a lot again in august, as i moved back home again. had quite a bit of time on my hands, and put it to use playing again. i practiced pretty regularly for the first time in 5 years it felt like. even started showing people songs, or my personal favorite, leaving "musical voicemails". started looking again for bandmates, found out my cousins a drummer without a drum set. found out another cousin just made an instrumental album. my best friends 3 year old daughter just got a drum set, and for being her age is pretty damn good at it. who knows where the future goes....
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i did an open mic nite once recently, which was my first time playing live solo. As a band we once played a party, and a few of the battle of a bands/talent shows they throw when your younger. I plan to play live more often, once i get past stage freight and my own insecurities about my voice/guitar playing. The El-N-Gee in New London does an open mic night, which i'll probally end up doing. I've also started the leg work of booking a few bars...
Your musical influences
Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, Flaming Lips, The Pixies, Alice In Chains, The Beatles, The Posies, Everclear, Dinosaur Jr, Stone Temple Pilots, David Bowie, Queen, Goo Goo Dolls, Greg Schlotthauer, The local musicians of New London, CT!!!
What equipment do you use?
At the moment i have my modded rock axe as my sole electric guitar. the only original peices being the neck and body. it looks like hell because i went frantic taking it apart to find out why the pick up wasn't working [or what shorted out inside]. its priceless to me because i created it the way i wanted it. I also have a Jay Junior red acoustic guitar, that has been missing its high e string for ever. i also have a 15 watt fender bullet practice amp. the fender maurader came out just after my birthday, and i've been having my eye on one for a while now. ideally i'd also like to get a jaguar at one point, and maybe even a jazzmaster.
Anything else?
if you'd like to contact me, my email is xvilbex@gmail.com i'd love the chance to play, or even just hear from people who've found my music on the net. also, please download the mp3's if you dig it, and turn on your friends. i'm also making a few things too, like the early demo's package. in the near future, expect a full length album [10-12 songs]. the early demo's package will contain the songs "heroin, addicted, outerspace, evolution, and sapphire" in the forms that are currently up on soundclick. I'm not sure how many of them will end up on the album however, i have a good feeling heroin, and addicted will be, and most likely outerspace. i have a feeling the album will contain a few covers, either being a re-recorded son of a gun cover, a pennyroyal tea one [first song i ever learned], or about a girl [maybe polly?]. also expect to see a cover of the song poolshark somewhere [if not on the album itself, than on another release]. i've yet to decide if i wanna attempt to do one album of original material and another of covers. i'm still writing songs, but off the top of my head i KNOW for a fact i've got 10-12 songs i can do, just a matter of recording and editing them. [tentative songs for album] -heroin -addicted -outerspace -your perfect, your worth it [working name] -if you try [again working title, but this is an old song with still yet to be finished lyrics] -noodler [its got a riff verse, and an alternating chorus] -unfinished chord song [chord progression of d, am, c, g] -blue moon [an old song, getting reworked] -"DXM song" [a riff i created with my old friend jesse, it was one of his favorites. 7 years has gone by sense he died, the least i can do is finish the fucking song] -nirvana cover [son of a gun? pennyroyal tea? about a girl? polly? old age? talk to me? lounge act?] -poolshark -maybe also the revised "fuck you its monday" song if shifty will let me.
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