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Core True Music from Tallahsee Florida
Band/artist history
ason Cupp, Jake Loehner, Bobby Shiver and Worm are four best friends that hail from the small town of Quincy , Florida and they have only one mission in life; to share with the rest of the world the story of CORE. It's hard to believe that there was almost no CORE. The near ending came just as swift as the beginning. Their first few months as a band would prove to be the roughest CORE has had to face to date. Their ability to stay focused was tested not only once, but twice in 1998. In July 1998 just as CORE was getting ready to set off on their venture, Adam Benedict best friend to all band members, and the original bass player for CORE, decided to end his own life( Jake would later step up in an attempt to save the band, and to keep the memory of Adam alive). Just as the band to heal from the loss of Adam, a fire claimed all of the bands equipment. Nothing was salvageable, and CORE was forced once again to start from scratch. Which they did, and they haven't stopped since. Core's Music can be summed up to a montage of lost love, lust, pain, anger and fantasy. The music of CORE is guitar driven with just the right amount of bass and drums to exhaust any crowd. The energetic showmanship, accompanied by the sultry in your face lyrical style always leaves the crowd wanting more! In May 2001, CORE released their independent album poetically entitled"Find Yourself" much to the delight of their ever growing fan base. You can hear "Change" on several radio stations across Florida and Georgia. In December 2002, CORE wrapped up recording of their 3 song demo with Rock The World Studio in which Eric Durrance Wind -Up Records recording artist ( Big Dismal )produced, and recorded the demo. "Drowning" which is featured on the demo, is being spun on radio stations across the East Coast. "Drowning" is being spun on regular rotation on X101.5, and it was also the first ever song recorded by an "unsigned" band to be added to the Hall of Fame via Hard Drive at Five X101.5. In 2004 CORE also recorded another 3 demo CD, including the new songs: "Break These Chains" , "Trip" and "Fly". In 2005 Core plans to release a new CD, which will rise them to the top of the game! Over the past several years CORE has gained a lot of attention and respect from their local music community. By staying true to their form, and their beliefs, CORE is now looked at as one of the top rated bands on the local circuit, which has given them the opportunity to open for a number of National acts such as: Hoobastank, Trapt, Earshot, Adema, Die Trying, The Impotent Snakes, Beautiful Creatures, 8 - Stop, Josh Todd and Bone Thugs and Harmony to name a few. CORE has also taken part in the Ernie Ball Tour, and the Inverse Music Tour. CORE has also played several festivals and local show. In March 2003 CORE became a Budweiser True Music Band. The sponsorship with Budweiser as a True Music Live Band has given Core the opportunity to showcase their music on a much higher level. Core played a private show for NASCAR star, Dale Earnhadrt Jr. and top executives of Budweiser. CORE has faced many dark and relentless storms in the past. Due to their ability to take the good from the bad, CORE has prevailed and they're proving themselves to be unstoppable. Like their song " Change" sings " they're going straight to the stop, and they'll never look back." All shows and songs are dedicated to the memory of Adam S. Benedict" CORE'S fallen brother and guardian angel.
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