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Naked Violet Music
Naked Violet Music
6 Tracks
Lush melodic, experimental, Blues Rock, semi-acoustic lyrical melodic alternapop, the great melting pot, Estranged Spirit, Why does this happen, Estrogen-fueled
Ethereal And Shi Rocks Organic rock with rhythm and blues overtones, a vintage sound, and lush pop melodies. A great melting pot of traditional and experimental ideas! Very sexy music and vocals!
Band/artist history
Rigorous playing schedule in Dallas TX as Naked Violet After a big sleep, Violet is back in performing singer/songwriter mode and getting ready to play select places in Duke City while re-forming the band.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The best place to be is live. Energies mingle to create powerful medicine for the muses of the heart and soul. I see being an artist as an obligation to inspire my audience who then in turn inspire eachother as well as me. Ideally, this becomes a cyclic volley creating quite the amazing experience for all involved and the more the better!
Your musical influences
Fans have linked Violet Music with with the sounds of Sheryl Crow, The Cranberries, Annie Lennox, and Heart. All things can potentially inspire if one is in the moment and aware enough to notice them =)
What equipment do you use?
Martin guitars, Senheiser Amp, Helcion harmonizer, and my voice For the Band: Sonny used a generic guitar he tore apart and rebuilt to his own specs Tom's drums...he'll bang on anything you let him garbage can lids, spoons, a table top with salt and pepper shakers, you get the idea
Anything else?
Just ask. I can talk forever! NAV (Naked Acoustic Violet) is just getting started with plans to rock out the southwest. Game on from there!
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