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"If you ain't feelin' me then really bitch you feelin' ok?"
'What Now' Live by Deviou$ ft. Instigata
Deviou$ a.k.a. "The King of Queen City" was born May/8/1984 in Buffalo, New York. Music's in my blood! Queen City Records was formed by Deviou$ and younger brother Instigata in late 2002. The label consists of local talent from the greater Buffalo area and has been growing in size year by year. To date we have done 3 videos, 2 in Brooklyn and 1 in Buffalo, with help from Lise King, a former television producer. The new Deviou$ album "Rise 2 Power" is set to be released February/1/2010. For more information check out the official MySpace page or contact Deviou$ at (Italianplaya1618@aol.com) "QUEEN CITY RECORDS" Artists: Deviou$, Instigata, Problemz, Kleetz, Status, J-Dubb, Veteran & Romeo. Queen City works with other local record labels such as; Bloody Money Entertainment, Circle of Kingz Entertainment, MusicKnot Entertainment, T.O.A.K. Entertainment, Local 210 and Agent O Productions!
Band/artist history
Daniel J. King (born May 8, 1984) better known by his stage name Deviou$ the King is an american hip hop/rap artist and graphic designer from Buffalo, New York! In 2001 he and his younger brother Corey King (otherwise known as Instigata) formed the independent record label Queen City Records with Daniel as the President and C.E.O. and Corey as the Vice President and Production Manager. In 2003 Deviou$ released his first solo album "D-Day" immediately followed by "Queen City Presents: The Dawn Of a New Era" in 2004. A mixtape that included all members Queen City Records (Deviou$, Instigata, Status and Problemz) and led to their first music videos for "Anger Management" and "60 Dollaz." (Shot in Brooklyn, NY by Joeygurl Productions) Then in 2007 came "Queen City Presents: The 716 United" with every member of the team including, Deviou$, Instigata, Status, Problemz, June, Romeo, K.O.M.A.D.Y.A.N, Killa Kleetz, Dame & J-Dubbz, which led to their performance sponsered by MySpace at Club Infinity "Battle of the Bands" in Amherst, NY, where they came in 2nd place out of 20 other bands (all rock or pop except for them) and the music video "Roll Out Remix" also produced by JoeyGurl Productions, in Niagara Falls, NY. In 2008 came the mixtape "Queen City Presents: Bloody Money The Mix" with fellow members Status and Problemz (to form the group Bloody Money) followed by his second solo project, entitled "Honorable King" in 2010. On May 3, 2016 Deviou$ released "TRu$T NO ONE" which was an instant underground hit across the internet and his 3rd solo album, entirely produced by baby brother Corey King. Deviou$ is now working on a mixtape entitled "TRu$T NO ONE: The D-Mix," as well as his 4th solo album "LoneWolf" due to be released in early 2017. As well as being a solo artist, Deviou$ is also a part of the Queen City Kings (a duo with younger brother Instigata) who released the album "Divine Writes" in 2014, and the fourth member of the group "The T.O.A.K Boyz" with old friend and labelmate K.O.M.A.D.Y.A.N (the C.E.O. of T.O.AK. Entertainment) Chubbz a.k.a. Mr G-Six and J-Billz, which released the video and single "If You Want It" in 2010, on youtube (produced by T.O.A.K. TV Films.) As well as rolling wit the squad O.M.M.O.M.G a music movement founded by his right hand man, Crazy Harry from NYC, with many of the undergrounds best hip hop heads from Boston, Atlanta, Buffalo and New York City standing for "Out My Mind On My Grind." Deviou$ has been featured on DJ Young Cee's "Record Labels Need Me Vol. 38," "INDY MAKIN WAVES VOL. 18," and "Indy Vs. Industry Vol 26" with a combine 10 tracks. And for those who don't know DJ Young Cee is a world renowned DJ from Miami to NYC, putting out on average 50 to 100 mixtapes a year and is also the host of his own radio show on Shade 45 every Friday! Deviou$ has also been invited on the last 2 "Xtreme Sports & Music Tours" (50 States and 20 Countries) and most recently has been asked to do a track or 2 for the "Young Money Unsigned Hype Vol 14" as well as preforming live in Denver, Houston, and Miami for "GMSH PRODUCTIONS" this summer. These days Deviou$ is almost constantly in his studio working on some kind of project, either his music, his graphic design business formed in 2014, Queen City D-$igns or one of his clothing lines Queen City King Klothes and Queen City Queen Clothes. So keep you eyes and ears pealed for what comes next.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yea there's nothing like the adrenaline rush of a live performance. It's like the greatest drug of all time, multiplied by ten! In 2007 we were invited to perform as a group in the yearly "Battle of the Bands" sponsered by Gorilla Productions, and out of 19 (rock bands) our rap group took second place! If you ask me, that's an accomplisment!
Your musical influences
Eminem, Big Sean & Hopsin
Anything else?
For information or cd purchasing email me at the1andonlydevious@qcdsigns.com, visit https://qcdsigns.com/media or call Daniel J. King at 716-281-0118
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