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An up and coming label based out of Chicago. We are Golden Silence Entertainment, GSE for short. We started out as a boy with a dream, gradually got some equipment. Began recording with a studio mic (no mic stand or pop filter) a mac laptop and reason and protools. now we are a full out label, registered as a corporation and have 5 of the most diverse rappers out of Chicago. Every rapper has their own style and sounds like no other rapper on the label. We have definatley come up, but we are far from being done. Our mission and goals are to give the world a real "Taste of Chicago". We will be growing our company to showcase the true culture of Chicago, from our music which includes, Hip-Hop, Rap, Juke and R&B. To our Dances Juke/ Footworking, Steppin, B Boying and any other street dance you will find in Chicago. We are geared up to start performing in diffrent places across the Midwest. We still need one more hip hop artists and a couple Singers, one male and one female. Holla at us if you feel like Chicago needs to come up and you want to be a part of a movement. The basic idea behind our label is, our city has some of the greatest music and dancing there is, but we are getting represented by the people who aren't there to bring the city up. With a city our size we should be able to have our own major record label presence in the industry, and thats our goal. To become the Def Jam / motown of Chicago. An independent label in the ring with the big dogs.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Your musical influences
old school stuff like temptations, james brown all the jacksons etc. Newer but still old school stuff like pac biggie and even master P. Don't hate, he had a good run and made a ton of money using smart business decisions, can't say much now but he had his run. Also people like barry gordy and russel simmons, they revolutionized the music industry for their generation.
What equipment do you use?
Akai MPD24, Yamaha Midi Keyboard, Mac Computer, Reason 4.0, Protools, Komplete.
Anything else?
If you are a musician in the Chicago area or a dancer, get at us, we are trying to pu together a full all around show that will blow minds.
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Gunna + Lil Baby + Wheezy Type Beat
I Pray For Ya