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DJ Patsan
DJ Patsan
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My description of my dj set 7 live sets touch on the deep Funky house to more driving tribal tech house sounds.
I wanna Get down with ya (House remix)
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I Wanna get Down (Club Mix)
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House Music
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Band/artist history
Strong scenes revolve around motivated people. Not only is George Patsan a world-class DJ, but hes one of the few DJs that have put their heart and soul into building the Newcastle scene. George built his reputation the classic way. Since the age of 18, he played gig after gig at places like The Castle and Leroys dance clubs, mixing whatever tunes were necessary to move the local crowds. But it wasnt enough. Aware of the growing house and techno scene outside his home town, George started his own night, and Newcastles first independent dance club. Electrofunk kicked off in 1995, attracting over 300 people . In the meantime, George used his rapidly emerging skills and knowledge of the local crowd to build himself a popular residency and an eclectic, party-pleasing style. In Newcastle its no secret: George can be relied upon for bringing a party to life like very few others can. Two years on, George and his brother Christo took the next step and opened their own record store. Using their knowledge of music and the contacts theyd built promoting their own parties, Patsan Dance Music Specialists is powering to this day, the only Newcastle shop catering to the serious DJ. Open seven days, the shops the only place local DJs can drop in to hear the latest tunes, talk gear or even drop a casual set just for the fun of it. PDMS is the foundation for Newcastles growing scene. Anything you need to know about local dance parties goes on in the funky Patsan basement shop. Meanwhile, Georges DJ skills have strengthened through his residencies at every major local club. Georges sets are fast-paced and neatly mixed, incorporating everything from Funky House to tough tribal house plus now adding his live element with fellowman Electrofunk giving the crowd a great show of diverse dance music never seen before. In 99, George headed to Sydney for the NSW DMC championships and took home third overall for his on-point mixing and clean cut-up routines. He has played recently with International House Djs Tony Humphries ,Deepswing,Groove Junkies,Jay J plus House vocalist from Barbara Tucker, Ultra Nate,Sabrina Johnston to say the least & clubs from MARABU' CLUB (Giardini Naxos), GRANGALA club'both in Sicily,Italy, The End club, Pascha, in the UK.In Australia his hometown Newcastle George has played with Dimitri from Paris, Dj Regal,Sonic animation & coming up in Jan05 with house legend Ian Pooley. Patsans latest venture is the greatest yet: Since opening in March 2000, Vitalbeats is Newcastles biggest regular party, pulling in over 700 on a regular basis. Held once every six weeks, the night packs in styles from across the board; Three rooms cover everything from Harder progressive house, tribal house and trance to the funkiest breaks, hip-hop and drumnbass. Incredible sets of every flavour make Vitalbeats unmissable. As if promoting, playing and running a record store werent enough, George is now taking things one step further, working his way into creating his own productions and now has launched his record label VitalBeats with his first track House Music on wax and distributed by Patsan Dance Music Specialist & Musicmail (Germany). Its a time-honoured path to greatness, followed by everyone from Fatboy Slim to Adam Freeland or John Digweed: sometimes you have to create a scene to give yourself a chance to play what you love. Working from the ground up guarantees you a following, and as the packed floors testify, George is doing everything right.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes i dop lay live or anotherway saying it is DjLive set with the roland Mc909 workstation.I usually play at Clarendon Hotel , Sky Nightclub. Every moment implaying is a special moment.
Your musical influences
My influences have never been from a music perspective its more from sports such as Michael Jordan , Muhamid Ali, Bruce Lee. I learned to stick to my style & believe everything u do 100%.
What equipment do you use?
I use the Roland Mc909 to make my music & play my music live.
Anything else?
My next gig coming up is with Mylo - UK (electro house)
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