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Playing the best of Louisiana Cajun and Zydeco--and a whole lot more--with squeezebox, fiddle, guitar, bass and drums. Laissez le bons temps roulez!
In 1992, Orlando residents Andy Burr (guitar, harmonica, vocals) and Greg Taillon (Cajun squeezebox, fiddle, vocals) formed The Porchdogs in order to perform the kind of music they loved but rarely heard in Central Florida--the rootsy good-time sound of Louisiana Cajun and Zydeco. Joining Andy and Greg is Jessica Daumen, a young fiddler who was twice named Florida State Bluegrass Champion in the Youth category. She plays with energy and attitude, and has added tremendously to the group's onstage appearance! As a trio, the band plays acoustically (strolling or stationary) or amplified (with pre-recorded bass and drums for backup). As a full band, the trio adds one of the best rhythm sections in Central Florida: bassist Larry Dolamore and drummer Ronnie Hart. (Tom Bastedo and Fred Domulot played drums on the albums.) When possible, the 'Dogs also feature a Cajun percussionist on rubboard and triangle, sometimes a piano player. The Porchdogs are well-known throughout Florida and the southeast. They have performed daily the past few years at the Florida State Fair; daily during Bike Week and Biketoberfest at the world-famous Iron Horse Saloon in Ormond Beach, Florida; they are the only band to have performed every year (twelve years and counting!) at the Ft. Lauderdale Cajun Zydeco Crawfish Festival--the biggest festival of its type in the US; and they regularly perform in Orlando's theme parks and nightclubs, and at numerous corporate and private events. for more info: andyburr2@gmail.com 407-877-3010
Band/artist history
Google us, or visit http://www.mountainbrew.net
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Sure. We live to play (and play to live). Call or write us--we'll come play at your house. We do a lot of corporate events--conventions, rallies, parties--plus a lot of weddings, house parties, fais do do's, festivals, cajun bar-mitzvahs, and some club work. We've had several long-term engagements at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, both in Orlando. Our favorite places are where people dance.
Your musical influences
We play both kinds of music: Cajun and Zydeco. Actually, we can also play a wide variety of other music, including classic rock, standards, folk, old country, bluegrass, Irish, Tex-Mex, rockabilly and hillbilly. Drop us a line for a semi-complete song list: andyburr2 at gmail dot com
What equipment do you use?
Fiddle / violin, Cajun and piano-key accordions, acoustic and electric guitar, harmonica, bass, drums, rubboard and triangle. Sometimes steel guitar, piano, or saxophone.
Anything else?
What's Cajun and Zydeco? Cajun music is played by the people of French descent who emigrated from Acadia (Canada) to southwest Louisiana in the 18th century. 'Acadian' soon became 'cajun.' Zydeco (from les haricots - French for 'green beans') is what developed as the black Creole people of the area adapted Cajun 'la-la' music, adding African and Caribbean influences and eventually incorporating blues and jazz. In both Cajun and Zydeco music, lyrics are often sung in Cajun or Creole French. Accordion is the lead instrument in both. In general, Cajun is country-sounding; Zydeco is more bluesy. Both are meant for dancing and good times.
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