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The Flow
The Flow
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Walk with The Flow in the Land Of Hell
Welcome one and all and thank you for visiting our site, we know you will enjoy! Since being up on this site and other projects locally, we have recieved great support from all who hear and share---THANK YOU! We know how much you all like it and plan to please! However, when it all comes down, we all know "It's all about ME!" In other words what is done is done by and for The Flow and props to the Creator if it goes beyond that!
Band/artist history
The Flow was formed in 1997 when Joseph FLorian Dunn and Nathan Furrh met while working as sound and lighting technicians for the city of Phoenix. The two hit it off instantly over breakfast in the break room. Soon, the creative juices were flowing as well as the synergy between them. Joe had a backgrouind as a writer and director for local indie film companies and Nathan had been working in the music biz as an engineer and producer for indie labels for a few years. When Joe's talent for story telling and Nathan's ability to create a mood with sounds came together, the mixture was explosive. In the fall of 1997, a local writer that they had known through the circles af stage and theatre techs approached them with an invite to put on a show at the Tempe Performing Arts Centre as part of his showcasing of local artists. TheFlow was born as a result of this mixing of stage and theatre production with rock music, interpretive dance and Shakespearian scripting. They performed 2 nights as the final act of 4 in the spring of 1998. The 48 minute play was the beginning for them and was the hit of the showcase! Shortly after, I returned to the university to work on a career change, and other members of the group slowly disappeared. Joe and I kept in close touch and both coninued writing over the next 3 years until re-forming in 2002 for some informal jams. With major changes occurring in both of our lives, it became difficult to pursue anything more than this at the time. Joe AKA "FLORIAN" has been working fervently on his visual art, and I now work as assistant chief pilot for an american company that trains asian and european airline candidates. Our music is our expression of life's difficulties and and successes. Of recent, a great expression of our faith and how it has carried us through some tough times. THERAPY FOR THE SOUL!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Every Time...!
Your musical influences
Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Doors, Black Sabbath(with Ozzy) Bach, Mozart and anyhting that moves the soul you know. We certainly do not try to emulate any one or group of artists, but as many of you know, our (and your)lifes influences can be heard subtly in the music.
What equipment do you use?
Tracks are recorded and mixed Using Cool Edit Pro 2.0 and some really cheap mic's! We use casio drums, Fender and Taylor Acoustics, Jackson Electric, Randal 4x12 Enclosure with Carvin 100w Tube head, some really old Fender amp for vocals and keys etc...
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