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White lye
White lye
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I am so diversfied in music tastes, but its basically hardcore in ya face shit...It got like a couple lil party songs but they still keep withn boundaries, they
Welcome all, yo wusup hope yall doing good. Basically without boring ya, im a uk rapper / producer, i got nu album out 16(now 25) tracks and counting so far called "The Manhattan Project", i got few mix tapes "also comes in white" & "True Lyes" out and im on this site so i can get some feedback and hear the rest of the underground, so increase the peace, smoke a joint and one love.
Band/artist history
Once upon a time.... naw i started rapping for fun like stupid and simple shit, then when shit got messed up in my personnel life i used it like a punch bag and then i got with my man kato (this was when i was under the name ak47 - my intials) and we where ak n kato - then recently i dun the whole ' on my own thing' but we got a live band too, 3 emcees and a dj, with a full live band.(where the 52deck , every member in the crew is a different card,im ace of spades, kato is jack of hearts...blah blah
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah we play live, weve got a live band aswell but usually its just simple instrumentals played through the P.A. Always have a entorage so (lol) theres always alot of love, last week i dedicated "thug Mansion" to 2pac, everbody went nuts...lovin it.
Your musical influences
MMMM the classics.... wordplay is like em's , my poetry style songs - pac my beats dre.... i like that mix... dont u?
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
The Manhattan Project.... the nu album by moi. The m.p was the name given to the project of making the first atom bomb, so i guess im the crazy proffeser and hopefully my music and words are the bomb that are gonna shake up the music industry...either that or its just a cool name!
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