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Akademik Productions
Akademik Productions
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Poison Pen LP, enjoy some of the greatest music to hit your Ears.. Hot up and coming artist from Kentucky, holdin' it down with sick lyrics, impeccable flow and
You can help drive the movement with your Donations! PLEASE BE SURE TO RATE HIS SONGS! Kentucky bred, Lyrically fed... Also.... BE SURE TO ADD ME ON FACEBOOK!!!!! HERE: http://www.facebook.com/akademikproductions
Band/artist history
Born in 1987, as Sean A. Poe... In the city of Covington, Kentucky... I Grew up in and around that area, but as I got older, I would start to do shit my way, and give a fuck what people thought about me or the way I did things.. What makes another motherfucker's opinion on my life so special? Exactly... But, Trouble awaited.. Like it usually does for dudes like me that had no direction. But I always had music.. No matter the situation. Then I was jus messing around with rhyming words a couple years later, and thought that I could make my own music, with beats on the net, and my mind; The only piece of equipment I could afford at that time. Then come to find, I'm pretty good, so people tell me... The year is now 2015, Hip-Hop is been my life since i can remember... Once a nobody, Ive now done shows with Lil Wyte and Showtime, just to name a few that most people have heard of... My days are filled with writin' my perspective on pages... I just speak and try to live life through you... So, hopefully you all can see things from my point of view... To the people who legitimately think my music is going places...... I do this for you... -Akademik
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I need to.. SOMEONE BOOK ME!!!
Your musical influences
2pac... Nas... Eminem... Ludacris... The Lox...
What equipment do you use?
My Mind.... That's All I need...
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