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Donna Ryan
Donna Ryan
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18 Tracks
Who Do You Say That I Am
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Go Back For Your Wounded ver.2 with BIAB
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Go Back For Your Wounded
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Open Your Eyes
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Pressure Cooker
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Hi There! I'm Donna, homeschool mom and homemaker. Just an average gal who has been writing music for years with no one to hear them but the walls. A dear friend thought I should put a few of the tons on here so I could share them. So here they are! The songs on this page are not finished works, they are demos. I didnt record them very well and the mixing leaves alot to be desired. These songs are pretty much just to hear, NOT to show a completed product and they are definately not 'realeasable' material. When they are REALLY done right, there will be live music and no kids hollering for MOM in the background. Right now, most of them here are done with just my computer using a simple walmart mic. Nothing fancy. My arrangements are done using Band in the Box so I could get the melody that was in my head into my ears without having to hire costly musicians. A few of them (and you'll be able to tell which ones) were done with professionals but I ran out of money before I could finish LOL. Recording is really expensive. So I just simply work now in my kitchen on my computer and here you get the basic idea of what I write and what it sort of will sound like if God ever lets me do it right! Thanks for giving it a listen!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I dont play live. I love to sing but am rather a recluse. I cant see myself entertaining LOL. But miracles do happen;)
Your musical influences
I am really a classical musician. J.S. Bach is my all time favorite composer.
Anything else?
Just thanks to anyone that happens across this stuff and gives my material a listen. Let me know what you think! It would be much appreciated!!
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