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Carmen Chiles
Carmen Chiles
2 Tracks
Timeless music with elements such as rock, soul and jazz.
CARMEN CHILES About: Singer/guitarist/songwriter Carmen Chiles smoothly blends elements from rock, jazz and back to soul creating a sound so unique it demands a genre of its own. When her music falls on virgin ears, it instantly launches one into a realm where such a strong and welcoming passion is rarely experienced in today's music. Inspiration: She has an equal love of life and music and finds that the two are inseparable. Carmens unique personality and exuberance for her work was best explained when she said, Life is love, love is life; nothing else really matters. I try to express this concept within every song that I write thus creating the evolution of my soul. Music: Carmens songs strive to tell the tales of the unsung heroes in society; the everyman that works hard but never gets acknowledged. She also looks to her friends and the conversations she has with them as inspiration. Inspiration can strike anywhere for Carmen, always with stunning results. But, she doesnt rely on just luck to find interesting things to write about. Carmen works hard to maintain and reinvent her lush, soulful sound. She says, I play my guitar everyday and write music on a regular basis. It is her dedication to music that has taken her this far and what will allow her to surpass what she has done before. Album Release: Currently, Carmen is recording her first full length solo album entitled SOULution which will be released on the G Records label via Power Entertainment Group. The album produced by executive producer Nink and producer/engineer J. Wicks, will be completed by summer 2006 and will feature several special guests, including legendary platinum recording artist Troop, Heads Up Records Recording Artist Walter Beasley, Blind Pig Recording Artist Billy Perry and bassist Chris Sullivan. Tour: "I am so excited about this project because it has pushed me to learn and record the bass guitar and harmonica. I'm also recording on the piano (a skill learned as a child) which has helped me in the creative writing process. It's an incredible amount of work, but I love every bit of it!" She'll be showing off all her hard work on an east coast tour once her album is completed. The first single, Cant Take My Eyes Off You is currently available at, www.myspace.com/carmenchilesbandmusic. Carmen is working with A&R Select, an independent A&R firm in Hollywood California.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We love to perform live and right now perform along the east coast of the U.S.
Your musical influences
Sade, Portishead, Rage Against The Machine, Incubus, 311, Prince
What equipment do you use?
Fender, Gibson
Anything else?
Music is life!