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My name is Mike. Schaffino is a solo project, waiting to be a band. So if anyone's interested let me know.
Band/artist history
I was born in 1988 and started playing drums when I was four. I started piano when i was nine. And i started guitar two years ago. And a recent spark of interest in recording/producing arrived about a year or so ago. I started recording and coming up with ideas for some solo stuff about 1 or 2 years ago. My friend steve (sick bass player) had a korg 12 track recorder that we used to leave at my house because we were in a band. I fucked around and started making songs. Feedback-esque, 111, dwarf, and to break the ice are my first songs i recorded. I now have protools/powerbook. I'm just in an infinite search for people to play with. I'm getting bored writing myself and playing music by myself.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Your musical influences
At The Drive In, Mars Volta, Coheed and Cambria, Braid, Incubus...and oh so much more the list goes on forever.
What equipment do you use?
Drums: Orange County Drum and Percussion 8x14 40 ply Vented snare/die cast hoops 6x14 1/2" thick Clear snare/die cast hoops 8x12 tom 12x14 tom 14x16 tom (sometimes from my old pearl kit 16x16 added on) pending on getting 18x18 tom 22x20 bass drum Zildjian: (on and off switching cymbals on my kit) 18" A Custom Crash 19" A Custom Crash 18" Z Custom Crash 16" Z Custom Crash 14" A Custom Projection Hi Hats 22" A Custom Ride 21" Avedis Sweet Ride and sometimes crazy old china/splashes DW 5000 single pedal Iron Cobra double pedal GUITARS: Gibson Les Paul Gary Moore Fender Strat Tom Delonge Marshall head and cab Big Muff, Dunlop Wah, Boss Bass Synth, Line 6 Delay (green) Bass: Squire P Bass (i know ew..) Keyboards/misc.: Korg Mini Synth Reason
Anything else?
my brain