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Apollo (UK 1)
Apollo (UK 1)
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guitar based indo rock band drawing influences from the greats like Fendrix, Zeppelin and Sabbeth through to modern day classics such as Oasis and Kula Shaker.
Apollo are an indy rock outfit from Birmingham England. We've only been together for a short while but have fitted a veritable cornucopia of gigs, recording and radio play (mainly on Kerrang) into a short amount of time!
Band/artist history
Formed in 2004 in the confides of Micky Fendrix's garage, Apollo have cramed a massive amount of gigs, recording and exposure into a short amount of time, and in doing so have dished up a unique brand of heavy rock blues with classic 'sabbeth esq' bass lines and veritable cornucopia of meaty guitar licks. In our 'World Tour of the West Midlands' we've played in some of the finest venues Brum has to offer from the illustrious Chestnuts in Sheldon to the infamous Edwards No8, supporting such classic bands as Jinja, Casino and Pharside (nice Barnets boys!). We've knocked up a couple of tasty CD's and are soon to appear on Kerrang FM's Breakfast show with his radiophonic majesty Ugly Phil. We've also recently acquired the Worlds greatest Drummer. Trust me - he is. Unfortunately he doesn't appear on any of our demos but he catorgorically is the finest drummer to grace this land since Messers Bonham and Moon departed for pastures new. You need to see him to believe him! Enjoy.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Birmingham UK.
Your musical influences
fenderix guitar licks with meaty sabbeth esq bass lines!