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John Knight Vocalist
John Knight Vocalist
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Welcome to JK Vocalist - MP3 Sample page: Here you will find songs featuring vocalist INVALID yricist John Knight. All songs and lyrics are copyright protected. please feel free to check them out - please drop me a line and let me know what ya thinK. These are just a few on the many songs i have recorded over the years. Update- Added lots of new videos, new band Synaptik and some cover versions I recorded. Please see www.facebook.com/synaptikmetal for all the latest music I have created. also listen to my guest vocals for international bands Centripetal Force (Italy), Life Artist (Germany) & Anti-Clone (UK) "SLOWLY FORMING SANITY" CD from new band thE.thinkinG.principlE And D-VOID's "Making Waves" E.P
Band/artist history
JOHN KNIGHT Age:19.07.70 Place of Birth:Halifax, West Yorkshire, England Nickname:JK (and unrepeatable abuse!) Interests:Music!!of course!?!- small electronic gizmos, computing (photo manipulations etc) & design, computer gaming, vast video and DVD collections. Songwriting. Film making - (usually gore!) My musical tastes are varied, I listen to Metal (all the strange varieties! Inc- Prog, Technical, Death), Jazz-Fusion (Tribal Tech/Alan Holdsworth), Classical, Funk, Thrash, Dance, - and basically any 'good music'.. but mainly within the Metal genre. Looking for like minded muso's to experiment and make some cool sounds with. How Did I Get Into Music?Obviously, my dad has been a strong influence as I grew up listening to great artists such as Floyd, Sabbath, Zeppelin, The Beatles, ELO, Judas Priest, Bowie--etc. When I was 16 I started helping out local bands with roadying etc, this led to lucky stagehand encounters with bigger bands- like Possessed & Voi-Vod in London- hanging with them for a day or a show confirmed that Music was the way for me. My brother Ian (Twisted Autumn Darkness) and I formed the band Inner Sanctum (UK) and became increasingly popular over the years (playing with Exodus and Skyclad at the Marquee in London-(When it was still a cool venue). This band was a Technical Thrash band with melodic vox, and over the years became more complex, but more melodic and this style helped me improve my range greatly- so now I can hit those very high notes if required (Think- Watchtower vox, or Judas priest). Ended after recording five demos and an E.P- This band materialised into Fifth Season. This was more melodic, and although still complex, it was in a more progressive way, similar to Dream Theater/Psychotic Waltz. Keyboards were added also. Fifth Season became even more popular, and received many great reviews and responses from around the world, even from metal legend Steve Harris who invited us to open for Iron Maiden at one of their shows. (That was amazing!)- after Two albums and couple of line up changes, and run of bad luck with label deals falling through etc we felt like creating something new. Feeling we had taken F.S as far as we could, we decided to form a new band, moving into a new area and fresh style and to try something a little different from our previous bands.. This band was called D-Void - this band had a more contemporary sound with strong down-tuned grooves, funky moments- like a hybrid of Rage Against the Machine, Deftones and Incubus. (But not NU!!!)- Several demos were recorded and gigs played. Promo video recorded for single release & Donington Download festival performance and TV coverage. Over the years I helped out other bands and did side projects- Hidden Instinct (Mr Bungle meets The B-yond), Near life experience (Dark -Depeche Mode meets Prodigy Electronica) & Neverafter (Marillionesque) Dead Sea Scrolls (briefly- killswitch style) Awaken -(metal disturbed style) Over the years, I would like to think that my voice has improved in range, power, melody and emotion. Goals: I hope to achieve recognition and respect as a vocalist and songwriter and as a frontman, establishing a strong fanbase worldwide. I have recorded a promo video for the song Down in codes which received continuous national TV airplay for several months, had various press and TV, Radio interviews. Performed at Download festival 2004, with Metallica, Linkin Park, Korn machinehead etc- on the same stage as Slayer, Hoobastank, H.I.M, -and many more. Over the years I have played in varied styles of bands- Technical thrash, Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock, Dark Electronica , old school rock. Funk metal etc. METAL METAL METAL!! This shows the diversity of my voice and open mindedness that I think is essential for any true musician. I am always willing to experiment and better myself through experience and trying new things.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
have performed at various venues around country- ranging from clubs -'Marquee' with thrash legends EXODUS (92) was cool- also Skyclad, 'The sound' London to Nottingham Concert hall with IRON MAIDEN- that kicked arse!!!and Download festival 2004-(2nd stage- now Dimebag Stage) Played in Belgium, France and Germany. Played at Bloodstock Festival (UK) after winning Battle of the Bands 2014. And where ever next band play!! Also performed at LATITUDE FESTIVAL & Shellshock Festival (Malta)
Your musical influences
Influences:Vocalists and bands who I admire and who have perhaps inspired me in some twisted way over the years: GEOFF TATE (Queensryche) CHRIS CORNELL (Soundgarden/Audioslave) Per Lengstedt - Portrait MIKE PATTON (Mr Bungle/Faith No More) BRANDON BOYD (Incubus) ROB HALFORD (Judas Priest) BUDDY LACKEY (Psychotic Waltz- Dead Soul Tribe) ALAN TECCHIO (Watchtower/Hades/Seven Witches) JAMES LABRIE (Dream Theater) ROY S. KHAN (Conception) MAYNARD (Perfect Circle) JEFF BUCKLEY (Jeff Buckley!!!!) DAVE GAHAN (Depeche Mode) STEVE HOGARTH (Marillion) MATTHEW BELLAMY (Muse) MR MARS VOLTA!!?- (Mars Volta) Cynic, Death, Korn, Spiral Architect, Nevermore, Spastic Ink, Alice in Chains, Athiest, Damien Rice, Coroner, The Beyond, Foo Fighters, Disturbed & MORE!!!! (not all influences are conscious)
What equipment do you use?
Vocal chords, lungs & brain. Shure Mics, Trantec in ear monitor system (shure ear inserts though), ZOOM ps04 palmtop studio (as recommended to me by Mr Tecchio)- Proctors Pastilles
Anything else?
Thanks for checking out the songs- there are many more that i can add if people are interested. Bands, management please get in contact to discuss meeting up and other arrangements- Auditions etc. jktemp@hotmail.co.uk www.synaptikmetal.com www.myspace.com/warpedjesterscribblings www.myspace.com/thethinkingprinciple www.myspace.com/innersanctumuk www.myspace.com/fifthseasonuk
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