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Chaos Research
Chaos Research
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Experimental melodic mixture of neo-classical, dark ambient, ethno and electronic music.
Chaos Research is the new solo project of Marko (Gravehill) M. Hautamäki, also known from such bands as Majesty (THE doom metal act from Finland), Two Witches (THE gothic rock act from Finland/Germany), SinMasters (multi-national fetish dance-metal), ex-Shade Factory (finnish ebm-band) and Gravehill Paris Witch (experimental dark ambient from Germany/Finland/USA). He is also busy doing session appearances and remixes for various other bands. Despite all his other musical activities Marko M Hautamäki still finds time to carry out the experimental musical journeys presented in the form of Chaos Research. "Over the years I have developed a fascination for classical music. Also, dark ambient stuff is very close to my heart. In Chaos Research I have a way to combine these genres creating something new that, strictly speaking, doesn't really belong to either of these genres", Marko says. "It's not only about (neo-)classical and ambient music, either. I like to combine different and sometimes very surprising elements from where ever; classical, ethno, rock, noise, electronics... The main idea is creating something new, not following the current trends." The music style could be described as a melodic combination of neo-classical, (dark) ambient, ethno and electronic music. Despite being a solo project Chaos Research is also doing concerts and Marko is looking for more all the time. "I try to compose as much new material for every concert as possible. Also the line-up changes. I'm able to do gigs alone but I'm also able to get session musicians improvising on stage if necessary. I'm very productive so coming up with new material is not a problem but I like the improvisational aspect as well. This way I can make every gig truly unique", says Marko M Hautamäki, the man behind Chaos Research. So everyone keep an eye fixed on this page for updates and concert information.
Band/artist history
Chaos Research started in October 2003 as a side project just to try out different things at first. The project quickly grew to something bigger and gained a surprising amount of fans from around the world. Therefore I started to work on Chaos Research more seriously and it is today definitely much more than just a side project. I (Marko M Hautamäki) am the only member in the band and intend to keep it so. I have had other solo projects in the past and I enjoy the perfect democracy this kind of line-up offers. The first official Chaos Research release was a self-financed limited edition ep "Revelations" which came out in September 2004. In January 2005 negotiations for releasing the first full-length Chaos Research album "Traveller of the Spheres" started. Unfortunately, due to unexpected technical problems the album was postponed until autumn. The new release date will be announced as soon as possible. Please, follow the news section, both here and at www.chaosresearch.de for actual information! A couple of weeks ago "The Singles Collection" from my other band Two Witches was released in Russia. As a bonus track the album will feature a Chaos Research remix of classic Two Witches song "Eternal Passion".
Have you performed in front of an audience?
At the moment Chaos Research doesn't tour regularly but more concerts are being planned. Please check this page or/and the official Chaos Research home site at www.chaosresearch.de for actual info on upcoming concerts. I do my best to make every concert unique. I do this in several ways. Live I improvise a lot trying to bring a fresh view to older songs. I also compose a lot of new material for every concert. Whereas I am alone the "band", I occassionally feature also other musicians on stage playing various instruments. On last gig the instruments used on stage were acoustic guitar, synths, a drum, a radio and a vocal microphone (not for singing, though).
Your musical influences
My musical taste ranges from metal to gothic rock and from electronic music to classical. All of it influences me to some extent but to give you an idea what to expect from Chaos Research, some main influences lately have been Dead Can Dance, John Zorn, Krzysztof Penderecki, Danny Elfman, Deine Lakaien, Tangerine Dream, Black Sabbath, Vangelis, Hawkwind, Richard Wagner, Edgar Holst, Raison D'etre, Klaus Schulze, Pink Floyd, Desiderii Marginis, Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, Isao Tomita, Diamanda Galas and a host of others.
What equipment do you use?
My home studio is 99% virtual instruments. They give me the largest possible range of expressiveness. The physical instruments are a couple of guitars a Boss multi-fx unit, Morley Wah pedal and a Roland XP-10 synth that nowadays serves as a midi controller. Nothing fancy except my main guitar Maverick X-1 of which I'm pretty proud.
Anything else?
To keep up to date with what's happening in the Chaos Research camp follow the news here and on www.chaosresearch.de . You can also send me mail to be added to the list of Chaos Research newsletter recipients.