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Same Ol G
Same Ol G
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I'm just a laid back, but outspoken type of artist. I'm going to give it to you just like it is. Never faking or perpetrating.
In these last and evil days of hip hop/ rap, there are a lot of fake, commercial, perpetrating, and hatin ass artists out there. These days we have too many rappers changing with the weather to sell records. What this game needs is a savior, someone to get this industry back to the roots of keeping it all the way real and stop acting when the cameras are on. Just be real 24/7. Always saying what's on his mind and never biting his tongue to spare feelings. That's where I come in, The Same Ol G. As you can see by name I am as real as they come. I'm a product raised by old school OG'S.
Band/artist history
i was discovered in 2004 by patrick e. cook in montgomery, al at a christmas party. one of my friends knew that he was a producer and wanted to start his own label. my homeboy told him that i could spit, so he invited me to his studio for a small session. after he saw what i could do he offered me the oppurtunity to be the first artist on his label, ryme tyme records.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes, i perform live. i perfomed 3 different times for the source magazine's ear to the streets show in tampa,fl
Your musical influences
I get a lot of my motivation from 2Pac and Jay-Z. Even these two artists had two different styles, they still had some similar features. Both were raised by the streets, they both said what ever was on their minds, they never changed they way they were because what others did or said, and they both have hellified work ethics. I am trying to be a cross between the two. Not the way I flow, but how I carry myself and work hard in the studio. I do this for the love first and the money second.
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