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Stuart Simpson
Stuart Simpson
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Singer songwriter in Scots traditional folk style. Multitracked acoustic instruments.Acoustic guitar, banjo,mandolin, penny whistle,accordion, phono fiddle,bodh
Singer songwriter and player of all the instruments on the CD. I suppose I was the recording engineer too. The songs are about or associated with the town where I live- Bo'ness in East Central Scotland, about 20 miles from Edinburgh, and 10 miles from the Forth Bridges.
Band/artist history
I've been writing songs and playing since the 70s originally in folk clubs, where I probably learned whatever I know about performing. The songs on the Bo'ness Ballads cd have been kicking around in my head, on scraps of paper and on audio cassettes longer than I care to remember. Two great friends of mine persuaded me to put out the CD because of the local interest.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Titanic Wash Hoose Band is no more sunk in one of Scotland's if not the world's great losses. The band was a bit of fun originally, but it kind of took over. Still like to do my own thing occasionally, though, including folk music sessions. Totally different music from the band though.
Your musical influences
Lived in Canada when I was very young, and the radio there left me with the influence of bluegrass and rockabilly. (I did say I was very young!) Came back to Scotland and was exposed to a lot of Scottish music, both traditional folk, and the "heather and haggis" stuff. But then I grew up through the 60s and 70s so there was all the pop stuff from that era. I'm just a musical ragbag when it comes to influences.... Rabbie Burns, The Corries, Jimmy Shand, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, Warren Zevon, Hoyt Axton, Elvis, Matt McGinn, Bob Dylan, The Stones, Hamish Imlach. See what I mean? I take all the blame for the cd though. Not too much of any of that lot in there!
What equipment do you use?
A rubber chicken and two yards of Sash cord. A wok, the leg of a chair, and the back from an old cupboard.
Anything else?
A lot of the lyrics are in Scots, but if you're not a Scot, stick with it for a bit of culture! Ha Ha!
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