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Steely James
Steely James
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Steely James has been called a human rights activist and a war protester but in Nashville he's best known as the creator of the highly political concept album c
Steely James is an outstanding Singer/Songwriter/Performer from the Indianapolis area in Indiana U.S.A. A multi-instrumentalist he plays guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums. He is unique because of the bridge hes built connecting his Singer/Songwriter Acoustic Pop-ish, yet sometimes dark style to his Native American ties. Public response is amazing, a testament to his direction, talent and the story that surrounds him.
Band/artist history
Steelys vocal style has been described as silky smooth with very catchy song hooks. His performances are very well received around Indiana, Illinois & Ohio where hes sold over 4500 CDs There have been a lot of things in my life that have led me in this direction and Im completely confident in my choices, my surroundings, my music and my becoming independent as an artist. I do play in other musical projects as well, so putting a killer band together is a simple matter, but I like knowing that I dont have to depend on one particular group of musicians for my original music, and around here, I usually just take my guitar and play.I tend to make more money that way Steelys organic and open approach to music can be credited to his influences both musical and spiritual. A very positive person whose sense of humor is undeniable. His songs strike a perfect balance between AAA and commercial singer/songwriter genres.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
He performs mostly around Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio.
Your musical influences
I'm into singer/songwriter stuff...I also dig Miles Davis....I love jazz