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Ronnie SeCoy
Ronnie SeCoy
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Ronnie SeCoy Midwestern Country Ballad Singer & The American Way Band
MUSIC NOW IS ALL 128K MP3' added... longer SARAH's SONG the original 6:18 mins and - sound trax for Church singers to use posted ...Home for The Holiday demo of a Christmas song I wrote Red Shoe's a Dancin' Written originally with Waylon Jennings in mind, but before I could demo it he died. I let the song lay a few years. Finally tried a few demo versions. A few months ago Nashville insiders discussed this song trying to figure out what 40 year + star to submit to. I just rearranged it and tweaked the lyrics. I brought the song "forward 10 years". Now about 21 country stars are the right age to record it. About 6 performers are best suited for it I feel. I just talked to a local country band about assisting me in a new demo recording in studio for submission to artists. Label asked for demos of 14 songs. Christmas song, duets, dance songs, love ballads. Making demos now. Will replace on SOUND CLICK as each is finished. Some very interesting tunes of all types. Have about 200 songs. I HAVE ADDED, at the risk of being laughed at due my very limited ability to midi arrange at home what I actually hear in my head, a complicated duet ala Tim McGraw & Faith Hill. On this crude demo I sing BOTH parts. LOL The video script is KILLER about two songs played at the same time, last song of the night. Our singers see the young man waiting for his girl at 2:00am, as from her diner waitress job she rushes in. The band has already begun to play a ripping circle dance, and only the pedal steel and fiddle "get it", playing a slow accompany for Tim & Faith. The dancers are flying around as inside the circle as one last couple dance slowly as lovers do. My midi program won't let me over lay the steel and fiddle part I hear in my head. This demo is a very crude attempt to arrange what could be a smash hit recording. UGH, I need help on this one badly. - "ONE SLOW SONG" Ronnie has been entertaining people in the midwest for over forty years. Churches, Gospel sings, fairs and festivals, clubs as well as regional dinner theatres and musicals. Late in life Ronnie wrote, recorded and self released his first radio airplay indie single. SARAH'S SONG played on hundreds of stations worldwide. KISS HER GOODNIGHT came next and is also very popular. Both are full band, multitracked, Bob Katz mastered recordings. A pinch of Burl Ives, add some Eddie Arnold, stir with Roy Orbison and for the modern sound, a dash of Tritt and McGraw = Ronnie SeCoy Lyric wise alot of Neil Diamond influence. singer/writer/arranger of over 200 really interesting songs. Hmmmm, Lyle Lovett singing this new opening line? "I'm a cowboy from Texas. 30 years I've been travelin' cross this land." Video's are posted online on da TUBE
Band/artist history
Over 3,500 live vocal performances. Frequent guest on Ohio radio and television. In 2002 Ronnie was male winner of DREAMCHASERS. 600 singers from thirty Ohio clubs in round robin competition. Ronnie received national and international exposure 1993 - 1998 when two indie single releases by word of mouth were carried by fans and began to play on radio. 1994, SARAH'S SONG (both secular & Gospel stations). and a few years later in 98, KISS HER GOODNIGHT, a country trucker station underground hit. CONTINUED AIR PLAY on stations around the planet.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I sing to my own studio made backing trax, and my musical partner Christophe plays along on guitar. Sit in with three local bands. Here in central Ohio I am always looking for fiddlers, steel players, and country, christian and Gospel singers to lay down tracks for home studio recordings. DOING RECORDINGS RIGHT NOW!!!
Your musical influences
Really varied. Sinatra, Orbison, Elvis, Darin, Andy Williams, Eddie Arnold, Cash, Willie, Kenny Rodgers, The Beatles, Steve Green, Faron Young, Tim McGraw, Travis Tritt, Vince Gill, Neil Diamonds lyrics and many more.
What equipment do you use?
Tascam 788, BBE 882, UltraGain Tube mic preamp, Lexicon, 31 channel stereo EQ - Mackie board- DBX - Roland Module - 73 Fender, Yamaha keyboard, to name just some of the stuff.
Anything else?
I write about the family, love, children, our country and finding faith. For an autographed copy of Ronnies book "Sarah's Song", or air play ready master CD's, send Ronnie an email. centralohronnie@yahoo.com CD Sound Trax with lyrics for you to perform Sarah's Song AVAILABLE. THE ORIGINAL 6 min version that was passed out worldwide in BMT drives, Churches, in cancer hospitals etc. Whether your a child (sing with Ronnie), an adult (sing with Sarah) or a duo of parent/grandparent and child THIS CD has any track you need for public performance. FULLY MASTERED CD includes S/H $12 Ronnie PO Box 2495 Lancaster, OH 43130
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