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The North Nativez
The North Nativez
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Native american hip hop/rap group consisted of 3 members that are from a reservation in the "Peace Garden State" of North Dakota located in the United States
North Nativez - Microgliphics
Official sounds of the "North" present: The North Nativez.
Band/artist history
- The North Nativez - The group formed in mid-summer of 1999, With founding members "2 Crow (2 Raven)" and "Da UnKnowNative". North Nativez began working on a studio setting first before they could even record their first track. The locations where they recorded switched between both "2 Raven" & "Da UnKnowNative(s)" residences, North Nativez recorded music within the basement of each. With the recording session's taken care of they began work on the first track in the "North Nativez" archive. That track was "3.A.T.", 2 Crow & Da UnKnowNative collaborated on the production and produced the instrumental for "3.A.T.". The track"3.A.T."would be a small stepping stone to a now healthy track listing by the group. In the beginning, Just before the group was formed, 2 Raven/2 Crow was already considered one of the top lyricists' (Or freestylers') in the area. (This track's recording style would be later known as the group's signature sound) During the recording process of "3.A.T.", 2 Raven encouraged Da UnKnowNative to record his vocals on the track together with him (2 Raven). Da UnKnowNative at the time did not know how to rhyme or how to even write lyrics. Instead Da UnKnowNative wanted to work in the background and produce, However 2 Raven encouraged and inspired Da UnKnowNative enough to agree. 2 Crow started writing lyrics to the track "3.A.T." and soon after had the lyrics finished. With the lyrics finished 2 Raven helped Da UnKnowNative practice the lyrics that he (2 Raven) had wrote (Da UnKnowNative's lyrics on the track were also written by 2 Raven). This was the official start for the group. Even though 2 Raven (2 Crow) & Da UnKnowNative had little to no audience they produced and released a 10 track album entitled "Fort Berthold Bomb" in the late summer of 1999. And to their surprise, The album was received by any audience (The recording of the group's first album was recorded on a cassette with only 1 side of the tape recorded on) who happened to stumble across the groups music as "A descent release" for the year of 1999 and into the early year of 2000. The groups first album release contained 10 tracks that were 3:00 minutes or shorter and also included two "Rare" solo tracks of each artist ("Duece It Up - 2 Raven" & "Da Native Word - Da UnKnowNative"). The album also featured the track "Mandaree Anthology" which had been co-written by "Da Only Son" (Another artist the group worked with) and produced by Da Only Son, 2 Raven & Da UnKnowNative. This track would also play a role in reaching a few more listeners simply because of the fact that the track "Mandaree Anthology" was about the local area where the member's of "North Nativez" lived. As young aspiring artists', The "North Nativez" wasted as little time as possible before returning to the studio, Soon they would release the single "Native World". This track featured and displayed the style and talents of 2 Raven. This track was also the group's first single to be given air time on the local radio station. Shortly after the track's release, The "North Nativez" were at long time friend "Lil'Rez's" home and they played the track for him, Instantly "Lil'Rez" (A.k.a. Rez'R) would start writing lyrics that blended well with the mix & soon after would become a local fan favorite. Lil'Rez was ready and shortly after, (Lil'Rez) was recording his first session on the track "Sacred Secrets" with fellow group member "2 Raven". As soon as Lil'Rez finished the recording session the group collaborated on ideas for the rest of the album and soon after, Lil'Rez started working on the track "Moshee's, (A word that is from the "Hidatsa" language, The group used the word reference due to the "racist" or racism that they had all experienced at the time) What You Gonna Do?(Remix)" with fellow group member Da UnKnowNative. During the course of this time, The "North Nativez" released several local hits which included "Recognition", "2 Native Words" & "Prairie Power". This album also included a "Rare" battle track between 2 Raven & Da UnKnowNative called "The Exhibition" that was a radio only (Created in and for the local radio station) version and they had recorded it strictly for air play which was in fact actually played on the radio station and given air play thanks to the support from the local radio station and the groups rising audience. With the 2nd album finished, The group had the chance to relax and enjoy the time away from the studio. By the time year 2002 rolled around the group was back in the studio to begin work on their next album, "Indentation From The Rezervation". The group put equal amounts of energy into the album and before long, The group had put together a 16 track album, Which included "Tribe Vibe", "Nativez Of The North", "Guide Your Pride (Early Demo Version)" & "Natives From The Wild (Hidatsa style 2002)". This album would display the talent of Lil'Rez. The "North Nativez" would be presented with a small contract from a company that would not normally accept underground music during this time, With a rising audience and 3 self-released albums the group agreed and signed the contract. The company was "RapVibe Records". Rapvibe Records allowed the "North Nativez" a 12 month or 1 year agreement in which Rapvibe Records would offer management services and promote a 4 track demo release from the group that had included "Sacred Silence", "Indentation From The Rezervation", "Tribe Vibe" & a very early demo version of "Guide Your Pride". However, At this time all 3 members of the North Nativez moved to separate locations of North Dakota. Things were at ease for that year, At least until the contract expired. Unable to renegotiate a new contract due to all 3 members living in separate areas at the time as well as occupied by their own lives, The "North Nativez" & Rapvibe Records parted ways on positive terms. In early January 2004, all 3 members were back together in the studio eager and ready. Then in the fall of 2005 the group released their 4th album "Snow Arrow". 2 Raven and the group approached the project with more intensity and logic than they had before, Which also created more idea's and more concept's. Now at this time the group was in heavy recording sessions. Most of the tracks were of "North Native" quality & contained "North Natively", "Underground Sound", "Microphone Weakness", "What You Know About That? (Co-Produced By Fox 1)", "The Explanation" & "Mind Muzik". Although this album contained 16 tracks, One track was recorded in 1 take (Which is known as the first recording of any song). 2 Raven inspired the group right before the recording of "Flow Quote" took place, As this was one of the first recordings done with a few of the groups friends present during a recording (One of the friends would later become known as "Fox 1"). At the time, "Flow Quote" did not receive air play from the local radio station but instead had been uploaded online along with a few other tracks from the album thanks to Soundclick.com, The track "Flow Quote" surprisingly had received various hits on the website. Lil'Rez had also released a solo track entitled "North Nativez" that would later become one the groups prominent (At the time) releases. After the albums release, Lil'Rez began working with fellow musician and long time friend "Fox 1" as he was recording tracks for his upcoming album. Fox 1 featured "Lil'Rez" on the track "Nameless", This recording led to future collaborations with Fox 1 & many more artists. As time went on, "2 Crow" established the group "North Nativez" as a solid component in the genre of Hip Hop music today. Now after the "North Nativez' released their album, "North Nativez Present: Change The Plains", Da UnKnowNative began to connect with great artist's in the area's where he resided. They have humbled him and instilled the determination to follow and achieve goals. Throughout the years "Da UnKnowNative" has worked together with Dakota Lotus Blossom in the studio, He has also collaborated with Happie who is a very talented artist as well as Jay Collins. "Means Well" is a amazing motivational speaker who always has a enlightened mind, heart and soul. "Means Well" is a great close friend of Da UnKnowNative's. Currently, Da UnKnowNative is continuing to promote and work with "Means Well" and all of the very talented artist's, producer's, writer's, rapper's, freestyler's, musician's, model's and entertainer's he has worked with in the past. In 2014, Da UnKnowNative was arrested for "Cultivation Of Marijuana" on the reservation where he grew up. He served his sentence and was released in 2015. Da UnKnowNative announces his retirement from music in October of 2020. Da UnKnowNative has had the privilage and honor to work with and been featured on a couple of mixtapes from DJ Young Cee, one in 2019 and another in 2020. You can check them both out at the following links, https://spinrilla.com/mixtapes/dj-young-cee-dj-young-cee-indy-vs-indstry-reloaded-vol-89 https://spinrilla.com/mixtapes/dj-young-cee-dj-young-cee-march-to-the-madness-vol-29 - Discography - Fort Berthold Bomb(1999) Native World(2000) Indentation From The Rezervation(2002) Snow Arrow(2004-2005) Now the "North Nativez" step into the Hip Hop world once again with their new album: - North Nativez Presents: Change The Plains - (North Native Productions 2015 - Now Available!) (DJ Young Cee - Indy vs. Industry RELOADED vol. 89) (2019) https://spinrilla.com/mixtapes/dj-young-cee-dj-young-cee-indy-vs-indstry-reloaded-vol-89 (DJ Young Cee - March To The Madness Reloaded vol. 29) (2020) https://spinrilla.com/mixtapes/dj-young-cee-dj-young-cee-march-to-the-madness-vol-29
Have you performed in front of an audience?
When it's possible, Where it's possible. It's Living.
Your musical influences
Natives and fellow emcee's from Fort Berthold,N.D. Fox 1 (A.K.A. One Red Man Clan) - Check This Rezed Out Mixtape(Out now!) - https://www.soundclick.com/oneredmanclan - Knight Vision Productions New track's will be releasing very soon,Check back for more information and updates! - Every influence has variation, All amidst the reservation -
What equipment do you use?
A XENYX 1002B Sound Mixer, Adobe Audition 2.0 "P.C. Program" (And Yes,It's Licensed), Alesis SR - 16 Digital Drum Machine And MXL V63M Condenser Microphone With Shockmount.
Anything else?
North Nativez clothing line available Now! - Rezervation Nation Respect to the artists' and crews we have worked with in the past and to those we may work with in the future. Writtyn Hostile Da Only Son Golden Green Blue Skye Fox 1 Mitch Hennessey Inflare Red Jabi Entertainment Luciano Standing Crow bigSBy Respect to our fellow Fort Berthold Artists': The Tribe Knightmare Sha'Gah Woods L Mo D R.L.B. D.C.(Dead Clan) Da Krazy Native Da Vinci Lone Fight Dark Kloud Casper Loco Wick Khaos Stone Tubby Smalls(Tubby Beats) Knight Vision The Outlaw Nokk Please forgive us if we forgot to add some or left out any artists' that are on Fort Berthold, We just want to show respect to each of our fellow musicians', We also give respect to the staff at KMHA 91.3 Radio and everyone at Soundclick.com. Respect to all our fellow native american artists' near and far, And respect to our fellow "Legendary" North Dakota artists'. Respect to ALL the Drum groups out there on the Pow Wow trail creating "Authentic" native american music.
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