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High Street Shelter
High Street Shelter
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High Street Shelter HighStreetShelter Rockin Blues www.highstreetshelter.com
Table For One
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Evil Woman
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15 Below
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I Know I Better
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Hailing from Southeast Michigan, High Street Shelter specializes in delivering a professional show for your Fair, Festival or Special Event. Our shows have always been well received and we've always been invited back for encore performances. Our fans and audiences are served up a unique mix of Rockin' Texas and Chicago style blues, Classic Blues as well as Classic Rock. Our shows can be tailored for your specific needs.
Band/artist history
The bands origin goes back to the year 2000 when Jason Woolard and Jeff Wandell formed a small combo known as '3rd String'. High Street Shelter was formed as a result of the duo's desire to broaden their musical horizons, and came together in 2002. Newcomers included Ed Ventura on drums, Tony Ventura on keyboards, and Chris Diehl on bass. The new members brought a vast amount of musical experience to the already well established duo. Ed had about 25 years on drums, and his brother Tony about 30 years on keyboards. Chris, although the 'youngster" in the group at 29, still boasted 15 years on his instrument. In 2006 Ed and Chris left High Street Shelter to pursue other musical interests. Fortunately the band never missed a beat, acquiring Chris 'Big Daddy' Miller on bass guitar and Dave 'Dee Dee' Dwyer on drums. The new duo have brought a rich bottom end to the band as well as extending the bands vocal range. So the current cast consists of : Jason 'Jawbone' Woolard.........lead guitar and vocals Tony 'Big Dog' Ventura.............keyboards Chris 'Big Daddy' Miller.............bass guitar and backup vocals Dave 'Dee Dee' Dwyer..............drums and backup vocals Jeff 'Possum Boy' Wandell........rhythm guitar and harmonica The most important aspect of the band is that we all enjoy what we're doing, and this attitude manifests itself on the stage, much to the delight of the audience. After all, music should be about having fun, and when we see the audience having fun, then we know we've done our jobs. If you, someone you know, or if your organization is in need of a professional, well organized musical act, then please consider us for your event. We can be contacted by clicking the link below. We will provide promotional materials, ie demo disc and resume to you upon request. Thanks for visiting, and we hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, High Street Shelter If you would like to inquire about bookings, or if you have any questions or comments, contact the band at: Highstreetshelter@hotmail.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Most of our gigs are outdoor venues...fairs, festivals and such. We also play the occasional private party and a few indoor venues over the winter time.
Your musical influences
All of the great blues artists from the past have influenced our style in one way or the other. Stevie Ray, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Albert King, The Doors, ZZ Top and John Lee Hooker are a few of the stronger influences that come to mind.
Anything else?
If you've got a few minutes, check out our website at: www.highstreetshelter.com
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