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Inspired by many trip hop artists and Djs of the early and late bboy scenes. A retired bboy myself. Somewhat good beats guaranteed..
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something i'd like to lay on yall
just a track
oldschoolresonance - bad maestro's guitar
very much like swing-pop-country music. I was just trying something new :).I guess it turned out alright haha. made by me, for you. Enjoy. And just remember, Hip Hop isn't everything. So go ahead and try something new.
oldschoolresonance - booty bass (edited)
Just another edit of "booty bass" the original version. I took the country-music taste of it out. Used some of fruity loops stuff :). It's got even more bass.
Full of old school beats, slow, fast, medium, well-done, rare, medium rare.. just good stuff. The tracks that I make are most likely reflecting who I am as an individual. enjoy :). I am from Irvine, California. I goto Northwood High School.
Band/artist history
founded date: April 26, 2005 founded by: Michael Kim band members: Michael Kim
Have you performed in front of an audience?
If I was good enough, and if I had the equipment, then I'd play live.
Your musical influences
Trip Hop Disco 70s 80s Michael Jackson Dj Shadow De La Soul Black Sheep Pharcyde Donna Summers Alicia Bridges Rock Steady Crew BOTY MixMasterMike Dj woodoo Dj Ben Portishead Man Parrish Newcleus Lords of the Underground KMD Lakeside Kashif Jurassic 5 Isaac Hayes Al Green Marvin Gaye Grandmaster Flash George Benson GAP Band GLOBE Evelyn Chapagne Flying Steps Freestylers Earth Wind and Fire Dj Leacy Dj Sky Dj Krush DefCut Dazz Band Cyprus Hill Cybotron Crooklyn breakestra Captain Rock Barry Kunzel Billie Brown Bt Express Brookyln Bronx and Queens band Brass Construction Alvin Cash Ago Africa Bambaataa Zapp and Roger Roger Troutman Sugar hill gang
What equipment do you use?
My brain: most likely my imagination and creativity.
Anything else?
I'm a progressing music artist, 18 years old. Please don't expect the greatest :/ If you like Dj Shadow or you're part of the bboy scene, then I guarantee you'll somewhat enjoy my stuff :).
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