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Tony Braschi: the italian Johnny Winter. He played with Buddy Miles, Herbie Goins, Karl Potter, and others..
The BluesRocker Tony Braschi, singer-guitarist and composer called "The italian Johnny Winter". _________________________________________________ The powerful rock-guitarist and blues-singer looks like an old american bluesman by his voice, and looks like the real twin of Johnny Winter when he picks up his guitar. Not casually in the past he worked with some of the best international bluesmen as Herbie Goins, Buddy Miles and the percussionist Karl Potter. After publishing his first solo album "For all of you" in 2003 he became the european attraction for his incredible live performances, where he gives the best of himself, screamin' and playin' the blues for three hours. During these years his name has grown up fastly like the career of Jimi Hendrix or Janis Joplin, but in spite of all this, he's much famous in the Scandinavian countries than in Italy which is Braschi's hometown. The new cd album of Tony Braschi is named ROCK-BLUES EXPERIENCE. It will be available on line since June 2005. Recordings were made between September 2004 and March at the following studios: Forum Music Villagge (Rome) I Piloti (Rome) Studio 38 (Naples). The Mixing was made at the FORWARD STUDIOS in Rome. Mastering was realized at the STERLING SOUND STUDIOS of NEW YORK.
Band/artist history
TONY BRASCHI is considered a Powerful Blues-Rocker in Italy and has been called "The Italian Johnny Winter" both in its original style, both for his impressive vocal and guitar technique. Unlike the common 'Tribute Bands', which has now become trend phenomenon at the expense of originality musical, Tony Braschi reproduces the sound Rock Blues 70s in the formula ORIGINAL-TRIBUTE, fusing classic Southern Rock with the songs of his productions , all in a personalized way and very engaging. During the years when the Romans turned the premises with some of the best cover bands in the capital was among the few in Italy to play the great Johnny Winter, who still devotes several moments of his concerts. In 1988 he began his career Live, which led him to be a leader of numerous bands such as "High Voltage" and "On the Road" and with these formations made ??several demos and studio & live albums. On 1 August 2002 until 10 am Tony Braschi plays live, broadcast live on Radio Rock version of "Unplugged" with great success on the part of the radio listeners who subissano of phone calls & emails. Before then, the event radio - live was made ??only once for the artist Brian Auger. But it is in 2003 that he released his first solo album FOR ALL OF YOU, a CD album which is concerned premiered on television in June 2003 Sat & Rai Rai News 24 in August 2003 and Net Show airs on RAI 2, under heading delTG2 "Costume & society", an audio-video excerpt of his album "For all of you". The CD had suffered a great response from the critics rave reviews and press, so as to be re-released remaster edition in 2004. On October 31 & November 1, 2003 performing two concerts in the event of the Rally Moto-BIKERS. The Live November 1st airs on Sky TV at 21.00 on channel "Nuvolari". Numerous radio broadcasts they see his presence between 2003 and 2004: Radio Rock, Radio Città Futura, Radio Zero Meridian. A January 2004 interview and live live on Network RADIO SOUND CENTER & special exclusively on RAI 2 TG2 during the morning. On 1 March 2004 the cameras of 3 Rai TG3 have taken over the gig at the BIG MAMA Tony Braschi in Rome, from which they drew the special aired at 13:00 two days later. From 2005 he began a great international career. TONY BRASCHI DURING THESE YEARS HAD THE OPPORTUNITY 'The COLLABORATE WITH ARTISTS SUCH AS: Herbie Goins: front-man and interpreter of importance in the international Soul Music since the Sixties. He has collaborated with artists such as Mike Bloomfield, Alexis Korner, Sam Moore, John Mc Laughin. BUDDY MILES: Hell's Cobra Bluesband, official group in Italian drummer of Jimi Hendrix during the tour 2001. KARL POTTER: percussionist of international renown since the early 70s. Collaborations: Aretha Franklin's band, and the duo Sam & Dave, before you even collaborations with names such as Pino Daniele and Indigos in Italy. Agostino Marangolo: drummer & founder of the Goblin, and 5 albums and toured different drummer Pino Daniele. A number of his collaborations, including those with: F.BATTIATO, R. ZERO, A. VENDITTI, E. BENNATO, P.DANIELE, R. COCCIANTE, P. TURCI, A. BRANDUARDI, F.BACCINI, A. OXA, IRENE BIG, GEGE 'TELESFORO, BLACKS FOR EVENT MY MARTINI, ALPHONSO JOHNSON (WEATHER REPORTER-SANTANA), MIKE FRANCIS, AMII STEWART, DEE DEE BRIDGEWATER, CHRIS WHITE (D. STRAITS). Daniele Sepe: renowned saxophone player in the European World Music, known to the Italian public as the author and performer of scores as "Amnesia" by Gabriele Salvatores. DINO KAPPA: bassist, arranger and session musician of international renown. Collaborations: the whole entourage of the Big, including Loredana Berte, Alan Sorrenti, Renato Zero, Formula 3, Riccardo Cocciante, Claudio Baglioni ... and many others. EUGENE BENNATO: guitarist, author, composer and performer. Exporter of the Neapolitan tarantella, winner of the Critics Award at the Sanremo in 1990 with "aufwiedersehen twentieth century." DEREK WILSON: drummer of Scottish origin, but Roman by adoption, known to many as the drummer of A.Venditti, but that in nearly forty year career he has worked with many other artists of the Italian music scene as Ivan Graziani, Sugar, Renato Zero, and others. MARK HANNA: singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist from California, known for his collaborations with the likes of Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones), Ami Stewart, Paul Young, Susan Vega, Kool and The Gang. LUCREZIO DE SETA: drummer avant-garde music scene in the last ten years. He has authored numerous live and studio collaborations with well known artists such as Rossana Casale, Alex Britt, Luca Barbarossa, and more. TONY ESPOSITO: percussionist known to the public for the song Kalimba de Luna. ROBERTO CIOTTI: guitarist and vocalist, composer and author of bluesitaliano, author of the soundtrack for the film by Gabriele Salvatores' Marragash Express "in 1988. DAVE SUMNER: guitarist-writer and performer of Blues Rock. Collaborations: The Primitives, Mad Dogs, Dire Straits and many others. PHILIPPE Kassy: Jamaican percussionist and leader of Awale ', one of the bands closest to the African reggae style post-modern, straddling Bob Marley & UB 40. ROBERTO GATTO: drummer-fusion session musician of international renown, award 2001 for the orchestral version of Rugantino. PAUL RUSSO: sax & background vocalist, session musician. In his career he has collaborated with Pino Daniele, E.Bennato, H.Goins. REMO Licastro: author of the television theme song "Domenica In" edition 1983/84 with the song paddle. LOREDANA MAIURI: versatile vocalist and interpreter of success, established itself as an interpreter of the cover of Tina Turner with the band of "Steamy Windows", known to the public as one of the vocalists of the television show "Sarabande." MAURIZIO URBAN: jazz saxophonist, brother of Massimo Urbani. TONY Formichella: Background music jazz saxophonist prominence in the 70s. Elio & le Storie Tese: May 2002 participates in the STAGE organized by Your Music to be held in Rome at the studios High Voltage, where he performs some standard blues along with "Cesareo" guitarist Elio Tese & stories.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
In all Europe, but more in Italy.
Your musical influences
Johnny Winter, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Cocker, Janis Joplin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Neil Young, and all the best Rock and Blues of the Seventies.
What equipment do you use?
I use only vintage instruments.
Anything else?
contacts: tonybraschi@gmail.com tony_braschi@hotmail.com
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