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TrapStar Muzik
TrapStar Muzik
4 Tracks
Gritty lyricism over dirty south beats
Sharp Az A Crease
We Don't Care
Dressed Like A Thug
Do It 2 'Em
The New South stand up...TrapStar is here. Mr. Saywhachasay is here exclusively for www.soundclick.com. You get the exclusive here first @ Soundclick.
Band/artist history
Success is achieved not only by luck, but by hard work. The harder you work the more you achieve. Greenville, South Carolina recording artist, TrapStar, is no stranger to hard work. Hailing from the Maryland/D.C. area, he was raised by a single mother for a majority of his childhood. His struggle was evident as he frequently changed residences and his mother worked three jobs to make ends meet. The first of his mothers three children, music has always been apart of his life. Like most of today's troubled youth, TrapStar, born Travis Jones, was no stranger to the troubles of street life and fast living. While his mother was away working to provide a decent lifestyle, he grew up with his uncles who were knee deep in the neighborhood street life. Living in the infamous district 25, known for drugs & crime, he had his fair share of a lifestyle that eventually led to a run in or two with the law. Seeing his uncle get 30 years for murder really slowed him down. Teachers always told him he was too smart for his own good. So instead of writing reports he started writing the reality in which he lived to pass time in high school. Upon competing in and winning numerous talent shows (one judged by Ludacris), he decided to take the hobby seriously. He started making songs in local studios and decided to put together an album. In October 2000, he released his first project, Street Mathmatics. After releasing the project the hard work began, which was selling the units he duplicated himself. Without local radio airplay, distribution, or promotional material he went on to sell over 1,000 copies. Not bad considering circumstances and the fact he manufactured his own CDs. With the profits from Street Mathmatics, he purchased some home studio equipment and began the grind most know as rap. In 2003, TrapStar signed to the Frontline Music Group, one of the most powerful independent labels in the southern region. At this point his career started to take off as he received better production & artist development. His consistent work ethic attracted the label to him, and right away they put him on the road performing. He has had access to quite a few major label artists (Field Mob, Bubba Sparxxx, Pastor Troy, Que Bo Gold) and has been taught the proper way to build a hit record. His work with Supastar Tay (Frontline Music) has taken his fanbase to a nationwide level. Today you can find TrapStar on www.supastarclick.com. The Frontline Music Group is currently in talks with quite a few majors for the rights to distribute his debut album, "Product Of My Environment." He is also hard at work creating a tremendous buzz on the mixtape circuit. DJ's all over the south region are blazing his two singles, "Dressed Like A Thug" and "We Don't Care." So 2005-2006 looks very bright for this artist who overcame the trials and tribulations of ghetto living.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Currently in clubs throughout the South region. My special moment had to be winning a talent show judged by Ludacris. But I love performing, because it gives you a chance to chill with people just like you.
Your musical influences
My influences are 2Pac, Biggie, Jay-Z & Nas. But as far as current artists I'm feeling T.I., Young Jeezy, The Game, Three 6 Mafia, Project Pat, Boyz N Da Hood and definitely my nigga Lil Wayne.
What equipment do you use?
All I need is a few cordless mics
Anything else?
Saywhachasay the mixtape is out now and the album will be out Spring 2006 on a label soon to be determined after the negotiations. I just wanna say all my street niggas keep it real, and be safe out there in dem streets. Shout out to my team FRONTLINE! Yall stay tuned for www.supastarclick.com where you can find more TrapStar and definitely peep the audio pimpin! YEAAH!
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