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Dave Voss
Dave Voss
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Garage Symphonia
We all miss Dave. He was perhaps the quirkiest, most enthusiastic musician I've played with. He was also the most inimitable, complicated friend I've known. Most people who knew him would say the same. A huge assortment of friends, loving family, fans, antagonists, girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, colleagues, and befuddled casual aquaintences. He was a tremendously prolific and exciting musician. I had the pleasure of recording with Dave in the early part of 2003. I compiled most of the tracks posthumously and collected them in the album Hello Goodbye. This album represents the last recorded output of an astonishingly proliferate writing career. My desire is to grow this one collection of songs into a sort of Dave-Voss-Lives-Forever-As-He-Bounces-Off-Satelites-On-The -World-Wide-Web type project. I would like to try to compile as much D.V. material (songs, pictures, etc.) in as many different virtual locations as I can. There are many people out there who have tapes or CD's or movies or DVD's or pictures of Dave Voss. Mabey you are one of them. Lets try to help ensure that Dave's musical legacy continues as it should. Link to this page!
Band/artist history
See above.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Rosasharn Records, Daily Values, The Groceries, Porter Harp, Goodie Blick, Jim Roth, Dave Keppel, The Delusions, Voodoo Gearshift, Rob Hursh, Redlight Records, Jordan Egler.
Your musical influences
Built to Spill, Neutral Milk Hotel, Elliot Smith
What equipment do you use?
Digital Performer with full compliment of plugins/samplers on a Mac G4.
Anything else?
Some tech details: Most of these songs were tunes that Dave had been kicking around in the last couple of years and some were collaborations written on the spot. They were recorded into my Mac G4 and yes, I bounced to disk. Dave played most all of the acoustic guitars and sang. He also played bass and electric guitar on "Humma Summa". I did most of the electric and some of the acoustic and also played bass. I did the arranging, engineering and did the drum loops and percussion and the keys and sang backup. It was a blast! Kortney Leatherwood played drums and sang backup on "There's Love and There's War". Tara Der-Yeghiayan played guitar on "Closer to Finished" and sang backup on "Detrimental Desire". These songs were encoded into 128 kbs MPEG layer III mp3's on upload to this site. As part of this process there might be some high end aliasing. Remember: only audiophiles can hear and care about this. Everyone else can expect high audio fidelity and complete listening enjoyment!
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