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Gran Torino
Gran Torino
Shropshire, United Kingdom
May 02, 2005
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Please see www.soundclick.com/squib(uk) for Squib music PLS Note that the MP3's on this site are no where near as good quality as a CD. It must be the encoding program we use or similar. If you would like a CD of any of the tracks or any mixture please email info@gran-torino.com You might notice that there are songs on here from Squib. Squib is what the GT musicians have naturally evolved in to. No vocals just experimental anything goes fusion music. We will be releasing an album this year hopefully so please keep your eyes and ears peeled for the bumpf that goes with that. Credit to Andrei Celik for the trumpet on Funky Armadillio Please visit our website for more info on the band www.gran-torino.com Gran Torino are here to spread the gospel of Funk, Acid Jazz, Soul and the tightest, most driving grooves. Gran Torino bring you a modern, original set of tuneful groove music, peppered with the odd cover such as such as James Brown's "Get up offa that thing!". The band are influenced by a wide range of Jazz, Funk, Soul, Rock, Dance and Fusion Music.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live all the time all over the Midlands in pubs and clubs (anywhere that will have us really!) There isn't one 'best' moment because most gigs are really good. It makes you funk a little more when the crowd dig you.
Your musical influences
This is a tricky one so i guess you should listen to the tunes and make your own conclusions
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