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The Monzas
The Monzas
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The Monzas are from Liverpool The Monzas love to rock The Monzas have their amps set to eleven
The Monzas are from Liverpool The Monzas love to rock The Monzas have their amps set to eleven They produce a show of electric excitement in which the lead singer draws the audience into their world of rock enabling the band and the crowd to merge as one. Their repertoire of songs is added to regularly and many an old favourite is set aside for a new song that its sometimes difficult to pick a play list to please the followers. By the final number the crowd are getting Higher along with the band, building up to a crescendo of sound that vibrates the room and has the audience clapping and stomping for more.
Band/artist history
We've been together since April last year, before The Monzas Nick was in a band called The Scales, and Tom and Mike were in a Liverpool based group called Dork. We do all our writing and practicing in Liverpool, Nick (Bass) is from Warrington, and Tom (Drums), Keith (Guitar), and Mike (Vocals) are all from Liverpool. The Monzas sound fits perfectly into the 'classic rock' genre We were shortlisted for the Glastonbury Festival 2005 and recently won Liverpools Best unsigned band by IROZ music and sponsored by Peavey.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
In the last few months we've played (Liverpool)Academy 2, The Cavern, The Masque, The Hub Festival, The Magnet, Zanzibar, The Barfly, Baby Blue, Heaven and Hell, Hannahs Bar, (St Helens) Panama Joes, (Wales) Blu Bar, (Mansfield) Town Mill, (Worcester) Marrs Bar, (Chester) Deva and Mail Club, (Leeds) Josephs Well, (Manchester) Life Café, (Leicester) The Attic, (Live Radio Sessions) 107.6 Juice FM, KCR 106.7, Extreme Indie Radio, (TV Radio) Sky 905 Pulse Unsigned. The Monzas's biggest achievement so far would probably be the Hub Festival we played last summer, it was a beautiful sunny day, we had our own trailer, but the best part was playing on a huge outdoor stage in front of our local fans. Great day!
Your musical influences
As individuals we have varried tastes such as Kiss, Black Crowes, Pantera, and The Beatles. But as a collective our music follows the paths of AC/DC, Guns N Roses, MC-5s, and Aerosmith.
What equipment do you use?
Keith plays an SG with a Fender Deluxe 112 Amp. Nick uses a Fender 5 string Jazz Bass with a Trace Elliot 7215 Bass Amp. Tom plays a Pearl Export Drum Kit with Sabian Pro Cymbals and Vater LA 5A sticks.
Anything else?
Reviews: The Monzas entertained the crowd with a filthy, bluesy set with more than a slight nod to the likes of Page and Plant. Whilst having an incredible stage presence (jumping off speaker stacks, piggy backs, robo-dancing and all that) and getting the crowd worked all worked up during Sexual Tension, certainly ones to watch out for. Honey Records A well-defined rock orientated band which makes me think they sat at home a lot in their teenage years listening to Led Zep, the Monzas rocked the venue with tight guitar/bass drives whilst the lead vocal roamed the stage and jumped at the right moments. Venturing into the crowd while singing, the audience welcomed him into their lair. Anybody who likes their rock raw, I would suggest to them to venture out and check out the Monzas, entertaining and some good stuff going on there. - rock and roll lives. www.merseymusic.org