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Mental Masochist
Mental Masochist
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Melodic/Technical Death/Grind
WELCOME to the home of if you havent already its an older band that I used to play drums in Thanks to all the support from our mentally masochistic fans and fellow soundclickers, our song scourn of disillusionment has at one point climbed up to #16 on the death/black charts, I for one am very proud of this and as a result am inspired to write more music, thanks again! support local underground!
Band/artist history
5/29/05 I celebrate my 21st birthday and get all messed up but during which im still working on music for this project 5/30/05 almost finished with the music...yay finished 5/31/05 made this webpage so other people can listen to our death/grind 6/9/05 made a new super speedy bad ass death grind song with awesome mix of death growls 6/12/05 made another bad ass melodic death song 6/14/05 (at 3 in the morning): remastered "entheogenic.." guitars should be more audible (panned one to right and other to left) and vocals were brought down, should sound a little better produced now!...(later on that day)...also did a quick EQ remix on "scourn" and "fallen god" so they should sound a little better as well! 7/7/05 Uploaded a new song finally (ancient healing plant) off rhythm due to lack of practicing 3/28/06 Lane finally came back from california after i thought id never see him again so we collaborated to do a new sick and twisted gore death song, coming soon!! 3/29/06 Finally updated new grind song, it rules! 5/04/06 Added a couple of awesome classic alien dream songs that i ended up redoing, sounding pretty sick! 2/1/07 Hey everyone a lot has happened since my last update (well ive really been updating the Mental Masochist myspace site the most but), I ended up recording an awesome death metal jam with this talented metalhead a while back and put a sick shred solo in the middle so i decided to put that up because he let me use his 5150 half stack w/ my duncan distortion equipped bc rich and that made for a sick fuckin tone so check that out (i give props to you Ernesto man for letting me use the 5150 and rocking out with me, you rule man plus you still have some of my cds that i need to get haha), PLUS I ended up makin' another fuckin band this time its noise/death/grind/jazz/comedy and im too lazy to put it up on soundclick but check it out at myspace
Have you performed in front of an audience?
nope just record and overdub and smoke dubs
Your musical influences
At the Gates, Suffocation, Decapitated, Origin, Incantation, Opeth, Morbid Angel, Deicide
What equipment do you use?
Drumset used: Tama Custom Rockstar w/ DW 7000 double pedal, zildjian Z medium custom crash, paiste 502 cymbal set (crash, hi hat, ride), zildjian 12' splash, remo heads on toms and aquarian super kick batter head and aquarian resonant head, vader sticks (acoustic set) also used was roland V drums electronic kit Guitar: bc rich nj virgin korean import w/ fixed bridge and duncan distortion in bridge position---metal zone---Peavey transtube other recordings used randall g2 head directly into recorder vocals: shure instrument mic --- art valve preamp--tascam 24 track digital recorder let me know what you think about the quality/production in the msg board and feel free to leave any opinions on what you think should be done to make the sound better (im not the best at mixing but ive been getting better ever since i got a digital recorder)
Anything else?
feel free to leave us any comments in the msg board, ROCK ON SOUNDCLICKERS!
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