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Don Modica aka Theone The Dark Over Lord
Don Modica aka Theone The Dark Over Lord
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Solo Artist with some digital wizardry Instruments, Midi Etc.. Producer,
Sleep Walking Zombies- 4_27_20, 1.06 PM
Today #54 in Electro subgenre
The Eyes By Don Modica Aka Theone The Dark Over Lo
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Jesus Vs. Hypocrites - By Don Modica AkaTheone The
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The Phoenix - Don Modica Aka Theone The Dark Over
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The World Changing Before My Eyes
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Im not your f en n
The Myth And The Legend This was the first encounter. In 1999 I received something that was spiritual I hold dear to me. It was a sort of insight and another way to communicate in a positive way. I always had an ear for what i love to hear, Music that is. I held this music in my head un-knowingly for more than 4 years after. Then one day i was composing music and art. and discovered what i had composed. oh how I love The sweet influence of Pleides IAM Don "Aka" Adam "Aka" Theone The Dark Over Lord More to come if you have an ear then listen.
Band/artist history
Alot of Experiances in Life and in The Communication Audio and Visual. Currently in Seattle Washington The Emerald City.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Drum Circle November 16th 2008 at High Noon North Side of Hermosa Pier. Free admssion, Bring your Instruments or Play ours. I am Living Therfore Yes. I am currently in Hermosa Beach California Redondo is home. Hermosa offers Nice Beach, Surf and Sun. There are Fantastic people from arround the world. There is for me a Spiritual value here in The South Bay, "Home is where the heart is" After spending about 3 years in Seattle I am Back Home, Seattle is Cold and wet and for the most the people are Kwel. I've had enough of the rain for now although i do miss the Green in Washington both Money and Folage. When i was heading north from Southern California I remember watching ORION Guide me There, Now Its The Morning and Evening Star. The Love of Music is the Divine. Music and Sound are so very Important to you and I for that fact the whole world and Universes thereof, Heres To the Sound and Let the whole heavens be in delight that we Understand the Divine and The Sound. Live From SO. CAL South Bay Hermosa Beach, California My Name is Theone And I Love You All No Matter How Naughty or Nice you are. May Peace Bless you all.
Your musical influences
No Doubt (Gwen Stepani)Rolling Stones Jimmi Hendrix, Maddonna, Metallica, Sly and the Family Stones, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Linkin Park, Beatles, NWA, 2live Crew, Enigma Funkadelics
What equipment do you use?
pro, BC Rich (Bich) Limited Editions, Create Amp, And Fingers that makes the BICH Scream and Purr Like a Kitten
Anything else?
My name is Theone Thats who I am and I love you Click here for Video
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