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FUNDI is a roots reggae nyahbinghi troop offering traditional drumming and chanting of the rastafarians. We sing in english, hebrew, spanish, amharic, and senag
Greetings and Love Welcome to the online Tabernacle for FUNDI The crucial Roots Reggae Nyahbinghi Tribe We share music from our hearts to help inspire the memory of peace and spiritual awakening
Band/artist history
The key members of the band all found a path to Rastafari on their own. Each of us was an acomplished musician and we all had a love for Reggae. We started gathering on Friday nights to honor the sabbath eve and our Tabernacle eventually reached attendances of over 50 people all chanting and drumming together. The original members of our tribe decided to go into the studio and offer forth a work of dedication and devotion. That first album Issemble was just a sampling of both traditional chants and some of our own creations.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live every friday night at sunset on the island of Maui Hawaii and we also play live for most Rastafarian holy days
Your musical influences
Ras Michael Count Ossie Bob Marley The Absynians Wingless Angels Jah Levi and the Higher Reasoning The Mystic Revealers Heptones The Itals Wailers
What equipment do you use?
we use mostly hand made drums and shakers and sometimes a guitar or wood flute will show up at the gatherings (called grounations) some of our studio tunes also include a piano.
Anything else?
please visit our website www.Binghi.com