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Needless Dog Surgery
Needless Dog Surgery
1 Track
Irate lascivious lyrics over a wide assortment of broken and poorly-played instruments. Totally sweet.
If you like music, then you will like Needless Dog Surgery. If you like fascism, the exploitation of children, or needless dog surgery, then you are disgusting and should lock yourself away in your room and listen to the soothing sounds of Needless Dog Surgery until you're ready to be an upright citizen of the world.
Band/artist history
Our band was born in Atlanta, GA in 1980 to a pianist and a theologian. It has traveled the world ever since, relentlessly seeking outlets for its artistic vision. It is also full of crap.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live for groups of two to thirty-six people. We like playing live; in fact, we like it a lot. Basically, seeing us live is the best thing you could ever do with all your clothes on, although it costs more that way.
Anything else?
We base our concept of our own worth as individuals on the comments that absolute strangers with dubious taste in music make about our songs.