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hardcore, energetic, vibrant, raw, grimey, real
Non Sequitur (Remix)
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Ci Siamo
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Was Wollt Ihr von Mir
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"I came to a fork in the road, and went straight" [Cappadonna - Slang Editorial] After years spent creeping in the shadows, DoN has stepped to the Scene to get his Thoughts heard through his Voice, something that couldn't be contained no more...
Band/artist history
DoN has his own style and personality, but right now he joined forces with Paco MC, Rolo and DJ 2Dragz to form the Masnada click, the last true soldiers from the Cuneo HighLand... While his earliest recordings were spitted in English, throughout his search for originality he shifted towards native Italian slang, pushing further the Hip-Hop border. In order to unite the loose heads under One Love, DoN is building an artistic network called Dominio: RootzFlava Sound System, Noire and a dozen of b-boying crews are among this critical movement.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah 4 sho sho We (me and my Masnada brothers) have been continously toured Cuneo City, the Granda province (Demonte, Dronero, Fontanelle, Montà, Pianfei, Racconigi) and the Piemonte region (Collegno). Block parties, clubs, festivals, contests, schools, theathres, or just straight in the park, it's all good as long as there's love in the air. To me playing live is essential to music and it feels so good, man there's really nothing like it... Too many special moments, every perfomance remains strictly sculpted in a way or another, but the best ones obviously happen when an ethereal connection between you and the audience is established: that's the right vibe baby!
Your musical influences
Wu-Tang Forever till the day I rest in the casket, no question! Music is actually universal, you can't really separate it of divide it, so my ears are always wide open for anything capable of moving my back and stimulate my soul... Hip-Hop and Reggae are the lands I roam the most though.
What equipment do you use?
Just pass me the mic!
Anything else?
Shouts out to my homiez Rolo, DJ 2Dragz and Paco holding it down 4 the Cause; to SiSa 36 Studio Team, keep doing ya thang boyz! Big up to everyone dwelling in the Cuneo Sprawl, hold your head up! Peace to all the true Hip-Hop Heads across the Seven Seas and the Music creators, abusers and lovers.
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