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A lively upcoming indie rock band whose flag is making it's way to the nations capital.
Davros are an upcoming indie band whose music is invading all aspects of the modern music scene, slowly making it's way to the nation's capital.
Band/artist history
Davros are an up and coming band from the Hampshire/Surrey area. Davros are a lively 5-piece with big ambitions to take their music to their countries capital and further a-field. Davros write and perform all their own original material and over the last 18 months have built up a healthy reputation and a strong following special thanks to anyone that has raised a smile or a laugh from any of us, you inspire us all! With a growing number of gigs under their belts Davros are looking for a break up to bigger venues and bigger crowds. The band have proved their worth by winning a recent Battle of the Bands competition and impressing on several occasions. The 5-piece formed through communication between several former bands and the odd friendly jam. This soon became obvious that Paul Forde, Simon Edwards, Dan Green and Andrew Willis all enjoyed playing their music together, and more importantly each others company. Since these early days Davros have recorded a 5 track CD with original live favourites including SMOKE N STAINS, DISCO STU, CRUEL DESIGNS and SEARCHING. Shortly after their first experience of recording the band decided to recruit one Joe Carter on the keys. Joes psychedelic key lines and vast amount of musical knowledge add the fifth and final dimension to the Davros sound, which is evident in the bands latest offering which has recently been recorded with a newer refined sound pulling all aspects of their musical inspiration to create an upbeat, lively mix of classic rock and indie/punk vibrations which are found in the form of, BLINDED and ON THE WALLS. With the band still kicking out a new tune or two at every gig , each song seems to become a firm favourite with Davros fans, until yet another new song is introduced. Only harder work and fantastic support will increase this already fruitful historyroll on the romance and seedy scenes of London.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Davros play live in the local area of Hampshire but have played in Guildford, Portsmouth and were booked to play in London until complications prevented the fixture.
Your musical influences
The Killers, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, Bloc party, G 'n' R, Snow Patrol and many many more...
Anything else?
OFFICIAL SITE www.davrosonline.com OFFICIAL FORUM www.davrosonline.com/forum OTHER DAVROS SITES www.myspace.com/davros DAVROS RECOMMENDS www.myspace.com/relatequestionmark www.myspace.com/pickleddick www.myspace.com/indifisher SITE CREATED AND MAINTAINED BY Darren Fisher www.myspace.com/indifisher www.soundclick.com/darrenfisher www.soundclick.com/gregoryatemypudding
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