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The Kidstuff
The Kidstuff
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Kidstuff is an indie band signed with Kidstuff Music underlicensed from Conspiracy Music LTD a minor label group based in Zamboanga City and Kidstuff is seeking
Kidstuff Are: Playing Stuff Leo - Lead Vocals, Rythmn Guitars and Bass Arnold - Bass and Rythmn Neil - Lead, Bass and Backup Vocals Acid - Studio drumer and percussionist Non Playing Stuff Chai - Water Boi, Bouncer, Foolishness, Stupidity and Monkey Business Phyrho Techno Boi - Producer and Sound Engineer
Band/artist history
Kidstuff started as a side project band playing punk and pop punk music for Mong and Leo back in 2001. One early morning of May 2001 Mong got insecured texting with one of our friends and all of a sudden something came out from his mouth out of nowhere, saying "Ahhhhhh their full of Kidstuff!!!". It caught my attention and Leo told him that it could be a great name for our side project band we're planning and he agreed. Mong and Leo didn't really put any seriousness with Kidstuff until their main band Cons Piracy disbanded on December 2002. On January 2003 Mong and Leo started recruiting members for the new band their building. When they were thinking of a name for the new band Leo remember about Kidstuff and told Mong and he agreed. Wilby a close friend from a defunct band joined the group as session guitarist and soon Rex a their former bandmate from Cons Piracy joined them to play keyboards. Late January that year Mong and Leo started writting songs for the new band with hard rock genre but on eve of march 2003 Leo wrote something unsual that he never wrote anything like it since high school and that usual thing is "STARDASH". An alternative pop rock song originally written for his GF but when the band heard it, they decided to use it as their original material for radio airplay and promotions. Stardash was released on late April 2003 on local radio stations in Zamboanga City and fav local DJ's for its cachy melody and lyrics. On may 2003 Stardash became a huge success gaining a lot of airplay by request from the fans of those local radio stations. On July 2003 Kidstuff made their way to number 9 with their cover version of Madona's "Crazy For You" and Stardash land on the Number 1 spot on R.X. Local Bands Count Down. August 2003 Jason joined Kidstuff as a permanent drummer and percussionist. Kidstuff played a couple of gigs that year and included R.X. Concert Serires, R.X. Band Breakout, R.X. On Stage, Tetuan Fonda, Debut and Parties. Kidstuff also release a Christmas Song on December 2003 entitled "The Simple Christmas". Early 2004 Kidstuff entered the studio again to record new songs and released on February 2004 they released the new single "Everything" but had to retract the CD from the radio station due to technical problem with the recording that they did not notice until it was air played. On June 2004 Kidstuff stopped giging due to Leo's Studies. On May 2006 Leo graduated with a degree in Computer Science at AMACU and immediately regrouped with Kidstuff to record new songs he has written since they halt the Kidstuff Project. But on July 2006 Mong has to leave the band for a career in the AFP as a Air Force Service Man. He was replaced by Arnold and another new member jerome joined the group for bass. On November 2006 Jason and Jerome were removed due confidential reasons. Jeffrey, Leo's College Classmate and Thesis partner joined Kidstuff for the Drummer Slot and brought with him Jerome his bandmate for the Lead Guitar slot. Arnold was moved to Bass since he was more of a bassist than a guitarist. Kidstuff played a couple of gigs in 2006 till early 2007 which includes gigs under Jam Track's Gangsta Metal Production and Sta. Maria Fiesta Show. January 2007 Rex left Kidstuff to join Badgrass a reggae band in Zamboanga. On May 2007 Jeffrey left Kidstuff for a career in Pampanga and Kidstuff were on a halt again till February 2008. Currently Kidstuff is now in studio again work for a new single with no set due date. Kidstuff on studio currently compose of Leo on Guitars and Vocals, Arnold on Bass, Neil on Lead Gutiars and Back Up Vocals and Acid on Drums.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We had been part of many local shows here in Zamboanga City Philippines including Canto's and Calye's. The greatest gig we had ever played are: R.X. Concert Series (Live over the Radio), R.X. Band Breakout 2003 and R.X. OnStage 2003.
Your musical influences
Rock: Alter Bridge, Creed, Matchbox 20, Staind, Default, Finger Eleven, Vertical Hozion, Lifehouse, Our Lady Peace, Finch, The Used, Trapt, Treble Charger, Story Of The Year, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Hoobastank, Nickleback, 8 Stops 7, The Flys, Goo Goo Dolls, Jars Of Clay, Silverchair, Incubus, Godsmack, Powerman 5000, Linkin Park, Korn, Soulfly, Slipknot, Static X, Disturbed, Deftones, Cold Play, Maroon 5, Hoobastank, Megadeth, Bon Jovi, The Beatles, Eraser Heads, Rivermaya(With Bamboo On Vocals), Bamboo, Sick Cycle Mind, Wolfgang, Mojo Fly, Moonstar88, Side A and many more. Solo Artist: Edwin McCain, Shawn Mullins, Jason Mraz, Jewel, Avril Lavigne and Kichi Nadal. Guitarist: Mark Tremoti (Creed and now Alter Brige) Keyboardist Or Pianist: Maxim, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven And Johan Sebastian Bach Vocals: Rob Thomas (Matchbox Twenty) And Scott Stapp (Creed and now solo artist) Favorite Electronic Artist: Chemical Brothers, Dust Brothers, Moby, Scooter, Roger Sanchez and DJ Quicksilver. Rapper: Eminem, Nelly and Outkast Pop Star: Alizee, Tina Arena, Mandy Moore and Hillary Duff
What equipment do you use?
Leo Uses: Mics: Live: Shure SM58 Studio: Neuman u87, Rode NT2 and some others Guitars: Fender Stratocaster 62 Custom with HSS Setup Picks: Dunlop, Ernie Ball, Planet Waves and D'andrea Strings: Ernieball Super Slinky Electric Guitar Strings and Alice Acoustic Guitar Strings Straps: Ernie Ball, Fender and Planet Waves Amps: Boston Engineering, Mesa Boogie, Fender and Peavey Effects: Zoom G1, Boston DS-100 and OD-100 Tuners: Fender AG-6 and Cherub Tuners Arnold Uses: Bass Guitars: No Brand Bass and Fender Jazz Bass Picks: Any Strings: Alice and Ernie Ball Straps: Custom Made Amps: Ampeg Effects: EQ, Compressor and OD on Amps Neil Uses: Guitars: Fender Strat Picks: D'Andrea Strings: Ernie Ball and D'addario Straps: Ernie Ball, Fender, Planet Waves and Custom Made Effects: Boss DS-1, CH-1 and ZOOM 606 Acid Uses: Drums: Ludwig, Pearl and Gretch Drums Accesories: Remo Heads, Sabian Cymbals, Zildjan Cymbals, Zildjan Drum Stick And Vater Drum Stick
Anything else?
You can email us at kidstuffmusic@yahoo.com You can sms us at+639174776493 You can call us at (6362)9932425
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