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English lyricist working with dozens of composers and artists
New Worlds Through Your Eyes
I am a lyricist working with many composers and artists around the world and most frequently with 2 guys, Juri Rosenfeld (a Russian living in Finland)and Mark Ellis (a fellow Brit from Kent)who, although their styles are entirely different, are both extremely talented as musicians and composers, as well as producers. Along with these two, with whom I have written more than 50 songs....I have been most fortunate to collaborate with so many others that the list is almost endless but two very talented ladies spring to mind: Dawn Diamond and Amy Caldwell, who have not only both composed for my words but have also both are possessed of beautiful voices and have sung many, many times on songs I have written. There is no ONE genre I write for, since a lyricist has to be able to write for ANY category and I do, but one thing I try to be always, is honest in my work because when there is integrity, there is a way to relate to the song and if occasionally I meander into the poetic, it is because I am and always have been, since the age of 13 years, a poet...but that doesn't mean everything I write is flowery or full of metaphors...as I say, I strive always to be real and of course, most importantly, to be as unique as possible. Although I am a published poet, and a prolific lyricist, I am unsigned and available for more collaborations, so if you have any ideas or suggestions for collaboration...do contact me through SoundClick. Having now appeared on local radio and online radio a few times, and in the local papers many times in 2007, I am losing my shyness but I do still prefer to be behind the camera rather than in its eye.
Band/artist history
With Juri and Dawn Diamond, I have a compilation CD on sale called "2 Dawns 1 Day" Follow Up compilattion CD with Juri and Co is called Miss Sunshine Many collaborative songs on Juri's CD with Juri called Beneath the Moon and Sun CD with Erik Rosenfeld called Coming Home With Mark Ellis, I am currently compiling our second CD --"Perfect Day" With Ron Gletherow, I have a single CD, "Babes in the Wood" 2 songs on a Rob Smith Compilation CD (New Zealand) Several songs with Boyana Bjoern are being marketed
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't play at all...my talents for creation are solely in the word-department although I am a great motivator...
Your musical influences
Lennon and McCartney--of course-- Bob Dylan and every musical composer I have ever worked with whose music inspired me. Of poets, there are many many but Alfred Lord Tennyson, Rudyard Kipling, Lewis Carroll were early influences and dare I say the Bard himself?
What equipment do you use?
a pen and a tree sliced into a million sheets of paper.
Anything else?
...I am willing to listen to any ideas. I have already recited a few of my poems to music and have been asked to recite for others which was interesting. I have also helped those who have asked for assistance with a lyric but I don't always get the credit for it... And if you are one of those people who have asked me for a lyric and, once you receive it, do nothing with it despite telling me you love it....be sure that I shall recycle it sooner or later because I was raised on a diet of "waste not, want not" !!
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