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Youngdez 1HGB
Youngdez 1HGB
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The Truth nuff said!
What's happenin soundclick this is ya boi Youngdez. Just to let ya'll know a lil bit about me I'm from Louisville,KY (that's right that 502 we comin) I get down wit a clique known as the 100 Grand Boys (1HGB). They also got some bangin tracks on here under cea jaye productions,so after you done checkin me out go give them a holla you won't be dissapointed. the type of music I do? Well as you'll see when you check out my list I do a variety of music mostly hip hop n R&B, but as time goes on I plan to diversify and try some other genres but as for now just enjoy. Oh and please give me feedback lets me know what's poppin and it aint no poin in listen if you aint gon vote so do that. Holla "Hundred Grand Boys!"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah but not no where in particular. Just anywhere anybody'll listen. However i've performed a lot of places in Louisville but mostly for school and church and stuff like that.
Your musical influences
Musical influences for me go as far across the spectrum as Prince to wille Nelson Marvin Gaye to Nirvana. I listen to everything and feel most of it. so I'd hope a lot of that is apparent in music.
What equipment do you use?
I like usin the Roland Fantom X7, The MPC 4000, Tritons are nice, and I have experience with mofatts.
Anything else?
Just enjoy and let me know what you think.OUT
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