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Faya-G aka MC Gawayd or Mista G, decided to make this love to Drum'n'bass and Breakbeat independant project, for the Planet Earth Crisis and People normal commu
From Guadeloupe(French.West.Indies) in the carribean zone,Faya-G,since 1988 Ambiant composition with Atari520STF, a melodica,Casio first pocket sampler SK-02 and Cubase for School events,Party events.1990 DJing,organisation of mini-events with electro-acid sound with carribean music and Rock'n'roll, 1992 Discover of Jungle Music and creation of A Radio Electro,Jungle and Heavy metal radio .1993 Development of Raggamuffin music in French.West.Indies, and France(Throwing original Mix-tape of Raggamuffin) and Starting Mixing in my first DnBnight in the MexicanaClub with French DJ Frank(Famous Acid,Tekno & Acid-core)1991-1995 Trip to Barbados,Puerto-rico,Trinidad,Costa-rica and Madinina(BeachElektroParties and Radios emissions).1995 Jazz live band formation1997 DJ,competitor in WorldQualifiedSurfing in Guadeloupe(Mix Fusion,Ska(sublime),electro-Breakbeatand Drum'n'bass. After 6 years in European(France North-South-East,Spain,Belgium,Switzerland,Deutshland,Danemark & Tcheq Republic) Organizing Freeparties,Soudsysteming(Blue-Faya-Soudsystem)DJing and Singing,Reggae-Ragga-Drum'n'bass tours,Meeting of Soundsystem for the right to dance,AccousticBand(Fusion-garage-Reggae-AcidJazz),I start to relearn using a computer after 7 years, i started since one year making some easydancing tracks of Drum'n'bass with a differents influences.I had work with CrystalDistortion, Jeff(Tomahawk sound system),IXYindamix,Miss Ficel(parijuana),Interlope(expressillon),69db(expressillon),Struk-turason Urbanart project,DJ buzz(Uk)TNT soundsystem(Ragga-core project),DJ Snipper(UK),TawaCrew,Big Respect for them and a big Force for the friends i forgot.I'm just trying to make some simplystranglydancing Drum'n'bass music, so have a listening,and let's check da vibe.Please give me a Feedback. Big up, and See you soon!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes i often play and singing live,in Bar,Pub,Festival,Karnaval,Electronights,etc.. in France and Spain.
Your musical influences
My influences: Dub, reggae, Rocksteady, Punk, Ska, carribean music(GWO KA),soul,Skate-rock, HeavyMetal, Jazz, AcidJazz,Ambiant,Hip-hop,Fusion,Electronica,Hardtekno,experimental,Jungle-Ragga,Drum'n'bass,etc...)
What equipment do you use?
Soundforge,CM studio,Behringer BCA-200,Casio concertmate-650(Keyboardsampler),Yamaha PSR-220(Midi-Keyboard,a Old Roland JS-30(Sampler),a melodica and a harmonica.
Anything else?
2 sides in the Music,Goodvibes and Worried-in-the-Dance style.