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Love Eternal
Love Eternal
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Upbeat & profound, mixing Roots Reggae and Acoustic Rock with metaphysical, spiritual, and even political lyrics. new Soul Stirring music affirming Life, Love,
'OneStep' by Love Eternal from the album Healing
Welcome Friends. Family, and Fans Love Eternal is a collective of musicians dedicated to music as ministry. We see the power of sound vibration and lyrical content, and choose to use it to uplift and heal. We Believe that What you focus on grows, therefor our music and message is positive and affirmative of what we want to see. We Honor all paths, teachings, and traditions that encourage Oneness with the Divine, Eachother, and the Planet. Through a river of cosmic circumstances rises homegrown roots reggae band, Love Eternal. They united as musicians as well as family four years ago near the ocean of Santa Cruz, CA with a common aspiration in mind - developing and producing "some of the most gentle, devotional ROOTS REGGAE you're likely to hear." (Damon Orion Goodtimes Newspaper) They live, create music, and raise their children together under a Redwood canopy as a communal family, which lends to their tightly woven musicianship. Love Eternal's unique blend of roots reggae intertwines the pulsing beats of traditional reggae drumkit with west african and nyabinghi drumming, Paridigm shifting harmonies and lyrics, thumpin rhythmic bass, scratchin guitar, and the unexpected melodies of electric and accoustic mandolins, all tide up with the upbeat groove of pure roots reggae. In 2003, Love Eternal recorded their debut album, Family to high praise. Their second Album Creation, has sold and recieved airplay all over the world. A third Album Forgiveness is soon to be released, and Love Eternal is looking forward to another blessed year. Check out Creation and visitMusic www.loveeternal.org For booking/CD purchase information, please call 831-438-3270 or e-mail us at LoveEternal@LoveEternal.org
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yah , Love playing all sorts of venues, preferably focused, all age, venues that don't emphasize alcohol. In The Sun, even more fun!!!
Your musical influences
always inspired by Bob Marley, really love the new St Croix sound like Midnite and Army, But I also have massive respect for India Arie for her message, the Grateful Dead for there freedom, Santana for his tone and depth. Gospel for its Joy, and alot of my favorite artists are just emerging like Shimshai, Satya Yuga, Sasha Butterfly, Jah Levi, etc. Really music can be divided into two catagories to start with, Authentic (beyond genre there is a sense that the music has real meaning to the artsit) or Cheezwiz un authentic filler, we all know the kind. From there I prefer music that is Uplifting and carries a message of oneness.
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