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Cravin Bob Wyman
Cravin Bob Wyman
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Folky country rocky or Americana. Everything must be labeled so we know what it is and where we should be putting it. My songs are all demos that I punched up.
Not really a band. This section is silly, I am not into myself that much, I just like good music and want to share mine. Please do not hesitate to download any of my tunes-you will not be disappointed especially if you have good taste! I have a small download cost since I have had so many listens and downloads. Those who know how circumvent the fee have at it. "All Over Town" rocks and tells the truth about life in 5 minutes. "Walkin" has a southern rock influence while "Executioner's Song" is the answer to raising children to be adults, very simple, but parents have to be parents-not children themselves. That is what I write about and just like other songwriters one has to write about what they know. Sometimes one can make up story but from the heart is where it all begins.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Once in a while I play live or I used to. I enjoy just sittin around with my guitar and a dog or two.
Your musical influences
Jorma Kaukonen, ZAPPA!, Dickey Betts, John Prine, Dave Alvin, Jerry Jeff Walker, I could go on and on... and I usually do...
What equipment do you use?
Shovels, lawnmowers, impact wrenches, battery operated devices, first aid kit... Les Paul, SG, Strat, Takamine, Guild, Supro, Fostex X-15, just got an 8 track hard drive recorder but am too busy learning guitar building to try it out but have some good material waiting.
Anything else?
I know a 2 or 3 very good performers in my city but they do not compose and play out once or twice a month. The rest of what I hear has a garage band sound. Those types need to work harder and find a producer then be prepared to be slammed. Rock stars are manufactured and very few are born that way. Musicians work hard and are ceaseless. Where do half-baked local yokels with a guitar get their hotshot attitudes?
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