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If you are an unsigned performer, DJ or Band member you could do a lot worse than becoming a member of Hip Opportunity. If you’ve toiled long and hard on the li
Triligy Beat - ALL STAR COLLECTIVE C. Rodriegiuz
Triligy beats are here to serve our members of www.hipopportunity.com True-L Music is based in Australia and specialises in # 351 Camp Music Training # HipOpportunity (an opportunity network exposing opportunities for our members) # Triligy Workshops Our aim is to help people achieve their musical dreams, our workshops can be booked at www.triligy.com. you can book DJ's for a party or a workshop in GRAFF - MC - RECORDING - SONGWRITING. True-L Music has worked around australia with music being distributed world wide. while still at the early stages True-l Music loves networking with other artists and making miricle musical dreams come to realisation.
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True-L Music is a not for profit organisation that helps to shape the future of young Australians. True L provides young people with an opportunity to develop in character and skill in an environment where learning is craved, and makes a difference to the lives of our youth today, by youth. True-L believes that through music, young people can find an interest, passion and confidence to become leaders. The workshops, camps and tours organised by True-L are designed to encourage young people to find purpose, confidence and the drive to live a positive life. True-Ls Triligy Workshops Triligy has successfully run various workshops in conjunction with community centres, youth centres, schools, entertainment centres, councils, juvenile justice departments, drug courts and festivals in New South Wales for the past 5 years. The workshops are designed to teach young people to plan their future and empower them to achieve the goals that they set for themselves. The positive workshop environment enables effective reformation/encouragement amongst youths. Target Age: The workshops and camps are targeted to young people aged between 12 and 25. Other organised True-L events are modified for young adults and over 18 venues. True-Ls Triligy Workshops Songwriting. Crafting your lyrics Positive Influence How to write an honest song Recording a demo Making money from songs Copyright Motivation & intention Aspiring songwriters a receive a recording of their song Breakdancing. Having passion Style Power moves Popping History of breaking Getting paid to break Mceeing. Making goals Stage presence Recording an album Marketing Writing and preparation Freestyling & Beat Boxing Producing tracks Holding attention Graff Workshops. Intention & direction How to sketch Dangers of aerosol Paints/nozzles (correct use) Characters & lettering Starting your own business 3D Visuals History of Aerosol Art D J ing. Perseverance & practice Using samples to produce Using character History of the DJ Equipment & costs Scratching, Beatmixing etc Motivation/Leadership Set goals & plan your dream How to accomplish your goals Challenges and barriers Be inspired & positive What is success? Get the upper edge on life Taking control of emotions Untapping unlimited potential Beleiving in yourself - confidence True-Ls 351 Camp 351 Camp is an intensive 3 day program of workshops, seminars and performances. Both the workshops and the camp have allowed young people across Australia to acknowledge their dreams and personal abilities, sharpen their skills, and put a plan to their artistic talent. The camp is a non-profit short course designed to encourage & empower young people (between the ages of 12 and 25) with the confidence and appropriate attitudes necessary to discover themselves, their talents and their dreams fully. The motivation sessions, lectures and leader/youth relationships developed at the camp equip these young people with specialised tools to make important advances in an incredibly negative world. Our passion is to see young peoples dreams become a reality. 351 Camp changes lives by reaching out to youth through music a fresh approach to our youth issues today. Young people with interest/talent in singing, managing, breaking, DJing, rapping, artworks, public speaking or any dream requiring motivation are called to attend participate in these programs! Attendees of the camp have travelled great distances (interstate and from rural areas) to participate in the program, highlighting the demand and appreciation of such a course for youth of Australia. The camp is a successful initiative organised and run by people desperate to help young people. This is not an event to entertain, rather an opportunity to shape, motivate and inspire young people for life. With guest from Australian Idol, and the latest music sensations. The camp is run and managed by young people who a) have passion to change lives b) can relate/empathise with the participants of the camp We invite young passionate people from the community and from our last camps to come back as leaders to learn about Running a camp Sound and lighting Being a leader Working as a team True-L AllStar Tour We believe that the influence we have had on young Australians to date is an incredible achievement, and learning of the projects attendees have implemented on return home from the camps fuels our intention to expand our outreach program to schools in QLD and NSW an estimated 10,000 young Australians! A program similar to that designed for 351 Camp will be run in conjunction with all participating organisations/venues, with a focus on any youth community issues requiring attention eg. Youth suicide, chroming, crime, drug & alcohol abuse Workshops in each element of the All Star Tour will teach how to get serious about your dreams, making a plan for your future, leadership tuition, becoming your own person and believing in the person you come to know. Contact with participants will continue through email, allowing young Australians continued support and encouragement. Sponsored opportunity is available for those wanting to attend further True-L events and camps. For more information about True-Ls events and workshops or to make a booking, visit www.triligy.com or email triligy@optusnet.com.au.
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Around Australia on our ALL STAR TOUR and our 351 camps. We have had Brethren, Maya jupiter, Flow, Erana Clark, USO, Bre Z, DJ KINETIC and a heap more travell along the musical journey with us.
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Go to www.hipopportunity.com take advantage of the opportunity network and become a member. DONT MISS 351 HIP-HOP CAMP ( all styles welcome) QLD NSW more info at www.hipopportunity.com or www.triligy.com